Battlefield V & A Way Out Possibly Coming Soon To EA Access

Maybe to coincide with the PS4 launch.

A Way Out PS4 review

An unlisted video on Electronic Arts’ YouTube account seemingly hints to Battlefield V and A Way Out are heading to EA Access at some point soon. The trailer, which you can look at below for yourself, celebrates the launch of EA Access on PS4, shows footage from both Battlefield V and A Way Out.

This, along with a new landing page on the official website, seem to confirm that both of these games will be added to The Vault at some point soon, but it’s possible that Battlefield V at the very least is being featured because you can play the game via a 10 hour trial.

That said, you can’t play A Way Out via said trial, because you’d probably be able to finish the game twice in those 10 hours. Safe money says that both games will be added to the EA Access Vault at some point soon. Personally, two big name games like Battlefield V and A Way Out being chucked into The Vault in time for the launch on PS4 in July will make the subscription much more enticing.

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