Base Form Goku & Vegeta Confirmed For Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ

It’s been confirmed by a number of Japanese outlets that the base versions of Goku and Vegeta will be the next DLC characters for one of 2018’s best fighting games, Dragon Ball FighterZ. There’ll also be an open beta for the upcoming Switch version of the game, both of which will be going live in August.

In terms of moves, Goku will have access to his Kaioken and Spirit Bomb abilities, with the Spirit Bomb said to be powerful yet slow. Vegeta will be able to use his trademark Galick Gun move and the Galaxy Breaker that he used to kill Nappa.

The inclusion of the base versions of Goku and Vegeta only further confirms a prior leak about the DLC characters in FighterZ. According to the leak, the last two characters will be the Dragon Ball Super version of Android 17, along with Cooler. Expect those to be announced in the coming months.

Though the addition of another version of Goku and Vegeta might make the roster feel a bit bland, at least streamer Lythero is able to see the bright side.

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