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The Assassin’s Creed Movie Will Lose 20th Century Fox A Lot of Money

The video game series may have sold over 93 million copies worldwide, but the Assassin’s Creed movie is no big money maker, I’m truly sorry to say.

Made on a budget of $125 million (with an extra $70 million or so going towards marketing), it’s currently sitting at a $41,918,518 domestic gross, while it’s international tally is only a merger $44,148,521. So yeah, it’s hardly a blockbuster.


These figures are nothing short of disastrous, and as we learn from The Hollywood Reporter, the film will lose between $75-$100 million for distributor 20th Century Fox. It’s only expected to recuperate around 60% of its overall budget, so they’re probably kicking themselves right now for thinking that they had the next big film franchise on their hands.

Keep in mind while it’s undoubtedly a flop, Assassin’s Creed will still earn considerably more money as it continues its overseas run. It still hasn’t opened in Japan and only just made it to the UK, territories where big studio films often rake in big bucks, so the blow will be somewhat softened.


A Chinese release doesn’t seem to have been confirmed, but will certainly be on the agenda for Fox, because of how China’s now basically the biggest foreign territory in the world when it comes to movie earnings. Remember, Warcraft grossed an incredible $220,841,090 million over there, which single-handedly saved it from being a complete flop (although Universal still lost around $15 million from the film) so Fox are probably hoping that the country will rescue Assassin’s Creed too. But seeing as it’s notoriously difficult for films to get released in China these days due to the stick media regulations that their government has in place (I offer my apologies to Deadpool, Ghostbusters and Suicide Squad, for being banned in the country), it remains to be seen if a release there is even a possibility.

In any case, don’t expect any new Assassin’s Creed movies anytime soon.