Apex Legends Season 2’s Battle Pass Is A Significant Improvement

It's really not that hard to improve over the Battle Pass for Season 1, mind you.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

I’m not going to beat around the bush here: the Battle Pass for Apex Legends Season 1 was such a disaster, such a random bric-a-brac of pointless content with hideously punishing attrition to even unlock any of the tat on offer that it killed all excitement and enjoyment I had for the game. For some unknown reason, I still decided to buy it and then didn’t pick up Apex again until just the other day.

So with Season 2 of Apex Legends, named “Battle Charge”, now out in the wild, it’s quite the relief to see how much of a step up it is — and how few trackers and frames litter the thing this time out.

Check out the full Battle Pass below.

There’s much more consistency to it this time out; you always know there’s something worth playing for right around the corner. All of the Legendary skins are excellent (though perhaps there are too few of them) and the new skydiving emotes are a welcome addition, as well as a concession to stop Kings Canyon from turning into a dabbing minefield.

Other new additions include loading screens (nicked from Fortnite) and music packs (nicked from Fortnite), which are both simple but go a long way towards making the grind that much more digestible. The Gibraltar loading screen is something I would genuinely have as my wallpaper, and not just desktop — I want it on my actual walls.

The only thing that really underwhelms is the tier 100 item, which is fine, but The Iron/Golden Rampage for the R-301 isn’t really all that flashy and not something that I personally feel is worth tier 100. I would have preferred a Legendary skin that can be applied to all characters, but perhaps I am asking for too much.

Time will only tell how much more I actually play Apex Legends now that it’s jumping into a renaissance of sorts with the much-hyped second season, but this new Battle Pass along with a host of other changes (including a new Legend) are making me properly excited for Apex for the first time in a long while.

How about you?

From our Apex Legends review:

“Even the most jaded of battle royale fans will find their interest rejuvenated by Apex Legends thanks to Respawn’s attention to detail, superior gunplay, and fantastic innovations, though the loot boxes and progression system certainly need addressing.”

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