Apex Legends Map: Best Landing Spots & Tips

The Apex Legends map, Kings Canyon, can take a little getting used to, so here are some of the best landing spots we've found so far.

Apex Legends

The Apex Legends map, known as Kings Canyon, is a varied beast of swamps, facilities, and curious bones from — what look like — leviathans. The Titanfall universe is broader than we first realised, but one thing remains the same: Respawn sure know how to make a good map.

While it lacks the bright colours and ultra distinctive areas of Fortnite or the constant homages seen in Blackout, the Apex Legends map is one that you can get to grips with fairly quickly. It’s well-balanced too, with plenty of points of interest versus wide open spaces meaning that there will be a landing spot for everyone. The bigger the spot, the bigger the chance of running into other players, so bear that in mind.

Here’s your quick look at Kings Canyon, the first and only map in Apex Legends so far.


Apex Legends Kings Canyon Map

Apex Legends Kings Canyon map

As you can see, there are a tonne of different places to land that are fairly close to each other. As the player limit is sixty, the map is understandably not on the same scale as some of its peers.


Apex Legends Map Points of Interest

– Artillery
– Relay
– Swamps
– Repulsor
– Hydro Dam
– Water Treatment
– Thunderdome
– Skull Town
– Bunker
– Airbase
– Slum Lakes
– Runoff
– The Pit
– Market
– Bridges
– Wetlands


Apex Legends Supply Ships & Hot Zones

One great feature of Apex Legends is that there will be a supply ship with illustrious loot from the get-go just before you land anywhere. You can spot these on your map by a giant blue moving ship icon. Once it’s settled (or even before if you time your jump perfectly) you can board the ship and pilfer some high quality gear. Just beware that other players are almost certain to make a beeline there, too. Don’t forget that you don’t take fall damage in Apex Legends, so pull off the superhero landing or zip down instead.

In addition, the game will randomly select Hot Zones during a match, which essentially highlights where some very helpful loot is on the map while also making it abundantly clear to everyone else. Just like Supply Ships, there’s a huge risk and reward to consider with these. Honestly, I would say only go for these if you have a good squad on comms as you can get destroyed quite efficiently otherwise.


Apex Legends Map Best Landing Spots & Tips

– If you want better gear, the bigger places are best. Bunker, for instance, is absolutely stacked full of high-quality loot, but don’t expect to be on your own.
– Make sure to jump separately once you are near your landing spot in Apex Legends to not be fighting over the same room full of loot.
– The unnamed locations may actually be your best bet if you want to place high. Find a cluster of buildings away from everything else.
– Don’t stray too far from your teammates when you first land. There may be the temptation to cover every building in your initial area, but you may run into another squad on your own.
– There’s no fall damage, so don’t be afraid to land on a tall building and then just jump down.
– There will be drop beacons shortly after you initially land. Make sure you approach these as a team as others will likely also be keen.
– Don’t spam all pick-ups. It may be too tempting to pick up everything on the floor the second you get through a door, but look at everything before you do — snipers aren’t that common, so beware of taking up inventory space with something you may never need.
– Try not to hang around too long. Not only will the circle positively eat up your health, but other squads may be rotating in your direction.

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