Apex Legends Leaks: 5 Huge Leaks You Should Know

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Wattson Apex
Wattson Apex

When it comes to Respawn Entertainment’s popular battle royale Apex Legends, leaks are so common and frequent that one might even say they’re part of the game itself. You’d be hard-pressed to find a single week over the course of the last three years where information regarding the free-to-play shooter didn’t leak. Dataminers are always standing by, ready to pick apart the game’s newest updates – and the devs know it, even going so far as planting a false Legend in the game’s files to throw dataminers off the scent of Season 4’s debut Legend.

But things are far livelier than normal this week in /r/ApexUncovered – a subreddit devoted solely to Apex leaks – after an anonymous user posted what is quite possibly the biggest leak in Apex Legends history. Before we break down the content of those leaks, here’s your last chance to run if you’re hoping to avoid spoilers.

So, what exactly was revealed today in the Apex Legends leaks?


1. The Next 9 Legends

New Legends Leaks
New Legends Leaks

Similar to the first time the Legend roster leaked in Apex’s first year, the names of the next nine characters to join the character queue have been revealed:

Conduit – ”Empathic Shielder”

Scryer – “Haunting Stalker”

Newcastle – “Mobile Defender”

Uplink – “Satellite Savior”

Vantage – ”Survivalist Sniper”

Catalyst – “Creative Builder”

Phantom – “Agile Assassin”

Jester – “Tricky Trapper”

Caliber – “Apex Arms Dealer”

As with previous roster leaks, these names may be placeholders, and none of the new characters have 3D models in their portraits, though many of those full-body models have been found as well.

Most new characters do have concept art, while Season 13’s Legend, “Conduit”, has a 3D model of a firing range DUMMIE in place of a portrait, likely to preserve the next Legend’s mystique until the last possible moment. “Jester” simply has no portrait at all, while “Caliber” is using Fuse’s “Broseidon” Legendary skin as a portrait placeholder that is both fashionable and hilarious.


2. A Dead Guy

Apex Legends Gridiron
Apex Legends Gridiron – Scryer

While there’s definitely a lot to say about the new group of Legends, the first thing that pops out to most is a familiar name: Scryer. Commander Scryer is a character Respawn recently introduced Apex players to in “Gridiron” – Bangalore’s episode of the Stories from the Outlands YouTube series.

The main thing to know about Scryer is that he’s dead. Bangalore and her brother killed the guy with his own data knife. (To be fair, he had it coming.) One might assume, then, that the Scryer in these leaks is simply a placeholder. That may well be the case, but given Respawn’s penchant for bringing characters like Mad Maggie and Crypto’s sister Mila back from the dead – and the fact that Scryer’s portrait in the roster is somewhat similar to his appearance in Gridiron – it’s probably safe to assume that Scryer survived the fight with the Williams siblings, and will be joining Bangalore and her friends in Season 14. As for how he survived, that’s anyone’s guess. Maybe data knives aren’t sharp enough to pierce plot armor.

His placeholder portrait depicts a man with a damaged eye that appears to be oozing some sort of bluish, glowing substance. “Scrying” is a form of divination in which practitioners gaze into a particular medium (like a crystal ball) to see the future. If this new Legend isn’t Scryer himself, it is a likely indication that, at the very least, their abilities will involve some form of foresight or vision-based talents like Bloodhound. He’s also categorized as a tracker-class Legend, just like Bloodhound. His description, “Haunting Stalker” implies the IMC Commander may indeed have been brought back from the dead, and may also be partially robotic, as Stalkers are robotic soldiers that were used by the IMC during the Frontier War in Titanfall 2.


3. Heartbreaking Banga-Lore

Apex Legends Bangalore
Apex Legends Bangalore

Some of what appears to be the plot of Season 13 was leaked, including several animated dialogue exchanges between Wraith and Bangalore as they continue their quest for the truth about the IMC, and their collective past as former IMC employees.

When it comes to Apex’s story, this one’s about as spoilery as it can get, so click at your own risk, and keep some tissues handy.


4. Loads of Gameplay Footage, And The First Mobile Legend?

NewCastle Apex
NewCastle Apex

Aside from the sheer size of the latest Apex leak, what really sets it apart is how detailed it is. The last time a Legend roster leaked, we got a handful of blurry concept art portraits and some codenames. This time we’ve got 3D models, fleshed-out concept art, and best of all, actual gameplay footage revealing all of their abilities.

While the roster itself may only depict 2D concept art, many of the characters’ 3D full-body models have already been leaked, and although Legends often change considerably from the time of their conception to the day of their official debut (Wraith, for instance, was rebuilt from the ground up over ten times during Apex’s initial development), it certainly seems like this roster leak is a bit more set in stone.

Respawn has stated that in the future, Apex Legends Mobile players may gain access to “mobile first” Legends, which are tailored mainly to mobile play, before non-mobile players. Because “Newcastle” is the only new character who appears to have a complete 3D model and unique introductory animation, along with the fact that his official title is “Mobile Defender”, it’s very possible that Newcastle may be the first Legend to hit Apex’s mobile version before debuting on console and PC. So far, his abilities include a mobile drone-shield that will likely make every Lifeline main in the game seethe with jealousy.


5. Next Season’s Legend: Conduit

Apex Conduit
Apex Conduit

While we know very little about the upcoming season’s Legend (currently known by “Conduit”), Respawn devs did leave us one clue: Conduit is a support Legend, the first to join the squad since Loba in Season 5. Along with Lifeline and Loba, Conduit will later be joined by Phantom and Caliber, for a total of 5 support-class Legends once all the new rookies have joined up. (Jester’s portrait is completely blank, so their appearance, abilities, and class remain a mystery for now.)

Conduit’s official in-game description, “Empathic Shielder”, isn’t particularly illuminating – it tells us they are a presumably good-hearted person (or robot) with a shield, which sounds very much like Gibraltar. A look into Conduit’s abilities, however, paints us a slightly clearer portrait of the currently-faceless Legend.

Passive: Capacitance Conduit
Regenerates shield over time. Gain extra regen for each nearby ally. Having friendly banners also provides a bonus – get them back in the fight!

Tactical: Arc Flash
Heals the shield of targeted allies (at the cost of some of your shields). Hold to target, release to fire.

Ultimate: Alternating Current
Conduit launches an arc cluster bomb, damaging the shields of people near the blasts. Heals conduits shields based on damage dealt.

While today’s leaks have certainly laid out the path Apex will be taking over the next two years, fans will have to wait until Season 13 launches in May to learn more about Conduit. One thing’s for sure, though: Wattson will be ec-static to have a fellow human lightning rod join her in the ring next season. It’s possible they’ve already met and are current-ly trading BFF bracelets as we speak.

Apex Legends is free to play on PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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