Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Can Pascal Become A Villager?

Pascan he become your new fave?

New Horizons Pascal
New Horizons Pascal

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With the July update, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players are finally able to venture out into their island’s waters and swim. They can also meet a new vendor by the name of Pascal.

Pascal is a red sea otter who loves nothing more than scallops. Every time you find a scallop while diving, he will pop up out of the water and ask if he can take one of your hands with a DIY recipe in return.

Although he hasn’t been in the game all that long, Pascal is quickly becoming a fan favourite due to his design and his laid back attitude. He has so many fans that players are wondering if he can become a villager on their island.

As with all of the other vendors and special characters in the game, Pascal unfortunately cannot come and live on your island as a resident. Much in the same way that you cannot get the likes of Gulliver and Redd (as if you would want him to be, the rascal), Pascal is just a vendor who you can interact with.

While this might be a shame for some players, it stops islands from being absolutely overflowing with the same villagers. Can you imagine just how many people would have Saharah as a villager if they could?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. From our review:

“New Horizons is a great continuation of an already fantastic series of games, and paying back Tom Nook’s loan has never been so fun.”

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