Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Get More Hairstyles

Serious Chads gets serious haircuts.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons has one of the most robust character creation suites of the franchise to date. That is, of course, if you don’t mind having a Lego haircut to begin with — the game really doesn’t give you that many options to begin with. So how do you go about unlocking more hairstyles in New Horizons?

It’s pretty straightforward, though the game doesn’t do a great job of communicating it. You will need to make your way to Resident Services (the green tent with Chancellor Nook inside) on your island’s plaza and then use the terminal.

Select Redeem Nook Miles and then look for the the following options with this particular icon:

New Hairstyles New Horizons

There are three different hairstyle sets to pick from, each of which will cost you a decent chunk of your Miles to acquire. Stacking up your Nook Miles is easy as long as you keep going about your day-to-day island life, doing things like fishing and clearing up the weeds. You even get a rotating set of missions for easy Miles that can send your account soaring.

Once you have purchased a set, they will be downloaded to your phone — don’t ask how that works. To actually change your hairstyle, you will need to find either a mirror or a vanity table and then place them.

Unlocking either of these seems a bit random, though we recommend that you keep checking Nook’s Cranny’s inventory, as well as popping any of the balloons you see floating above with a slingshot. You can also get the recipe in messages in a bottle, which can be found along the coastline.

Purchasing these new hairstyles gives a tonne of extra customisation to a game that already has no shortage of ways to make your tropical island experience feels truly yours.

Animal Crossing New Horizons can be picked up exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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