Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Unlock Reacts

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New Horizon Reacts 1
New Horizon Reacts

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Animal Crossing New Horizons is a game all about discovery, about finding a lot of things out for yourself, mostly for the better. While the game spoonfeeds tutorials to you the more you update your island, it never really tells you how to unlock reacts.

Basically the game’s version of emotes, reacts can be used by pressing ZR with a wheel of reacts to choose from with more becoming available over time. These are best used to communicate simple things to other players without having to faff with text chat, but they can also make a really great photo, especially if you fly to Harv’s Island.

To unlock reacts in New Horizons, you must wait until your second full day on the island having already built yourself a house by paying off your debts to Chancellor Nook.

As for where to unlock them, talk to a neighbor on the second full day and they will eventually reveal to you how to use reacts.

The neighbor in question will be different for everyone. We, for instance, just had to talk to Tammy, but as everyone has different residents, the person to talk to will also be different.

Reacts 1
New Horizon Reacts

As for how to unlock the additional reacts, we’re not sure just yet — we will update this when we find out the details.

Reacts are definitely a neat little part of New Horizons, just one of the small details that makes it such a joy to play. Top tip: try the clapping react while holding something and your character will just hit their chest instead.

Available now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, Animal Crossing New Horizons puts you a tropical island and leaves the rest up to you.

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