Alien: Blackout Finally Announced, As A Mobile Game

"Do you guys not have phones?"

Alien Blackout

A new Alien game has been rumoured for a while now, with rumours gathering pace before The Game Awards of a game called Alien: Blackout. Turns out those rumours were true, as Alien: Blackout has officially been announced. Unfortunately for those expecting a fully fledged sequel to Alien: Isolation, Blackout is a mobile only title coming to iOS and Android.

In Blackout, you control Amanda Ripley as she tries to avoid Aliens and save her crew while on board a Weyland-Yutani space station. The game’s blurb promises that you’ll have to make perilous choices in order to outsmart the perfect hunter, and that the choices regarding the fate of your crew members that will alter the outcome of the game.

Blackout is being developed by D3 GO! and Rival Games, who have pedigree with mobile games (Marvel Puzzle Quest) and choice based adventures (Thief of Thieves) respectively, along with FoxNext who have been tied to an Alien project since January 2018. It seems like Blackout will be in capable hands then, but whether it’ll be strong enough to overcome that undeniable stigma attached to mobile games will be another story.

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