Alan Wake 2 – Where To Find Saga’s Crossbow

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Alan Wake 2
Alan Wake 2

As an FBI Investigator tasked with getting to the bottom of a strange murder cult plaguing Bright Falls, it’s probably not a surprise to learn that Saga Anderson can arm herself to the teeth in Alan Wake 2. However, the most intriguing addition to her arsenal might be the crossbow, but if you’re not careful when it comes to searching your environment, you might not be able to obtain the crossbow at all. With that in mind, this is everything you need to know about getting your hands on the crossbow in Alan Wake 2.


Where To Find Saga’s Crossbow

Saga Anderson’s crossbow can be found in her fourth chapter, after she’s spoken to Alan Wake and made the trip up to the town of Watery. After speaking to Ilma and his brother, follow the trail through the woods, dealing with the Taken as they appear, until you reach the Hunting Lodge location. This area can be turned into a safe zone if you activate the generator, so make sure to do that first things first.

Once you’ve made the area safe, you’ll notice that underneath a canopy, there’s a Cult Supply Crate, which contains the crossbow you’re looking for. A note on top of the crate states that the passcode for the 3 digit combination lock has been changed, but there’s no paperwork to say what the new password actually is. After looking around the area though, the answer is pretty cleverly hidden among the hunter’s shooting range.

Next to the canopy is a makeshift shooting range that contains a bunch of numbered targets, and some of the targets have arrows embedded in them. Make note of how many arrows are in which target, because that’s the order in which to enter the three digits. For us, the solution was 527, but we’re not sure if the solution is randomised. Either way, you can use the arrows to solve the puzzle.

Once you’ve got the passcode sorted, open the lock and claim your new prize. The crossbow does take up 3 squares, which is half a row of your inventory, so try to make sure you have the space before picking it up. The safe area nearby does contain a shoebox that you can stuff some unwanted items into, so you don’t have to discard anything. Also, make sure to pick up those arrows that were left behind, as that’s just free ammo for you.

Alan Wake 2 is available right now on PC via the Epic Games Store, PS5 and Xbox Series X & S.

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