Alan Wake 2 – How To Upgrade Inventory Size

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Alan Wake 2
Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 leans much more heavily into the survival horror genre, taking a lot of inspiration from recent horror hits like Resident Evil 2 or Dead Space. Because of this, both lead characters Alan Wake and Saga Anderson have to deal with limited inventory space during their journeys through The Dark Place and Bright Falls respectively. However, the method that the two leads have to go through in order to upgrade their abilities is completely different.

If you want increase your inventory size in Alan Wake 2, this is the way to do so.


Upgrading Inventory Size As Saga

Increasing your maximum inventory space as Saga Anderson is pretty simple in theory, though finding the items you need to do so is where things become complicated. In order to increase your inventory, you need to find satchels, which can be found in different areas across Bright Falls, Cauldron Lake and Watery.

The first inventory upgrade you’ll find is during the game’s second chapter, when you’re searching for Nightingale’s heart. The search will eventually take you to a General Store in Cauldron Lake, in which a massive Taken will burst through the wall and try to murder you. Once you’ve dispatched the Taken and explored the room that the big lad came from, you’ll find an inventory upgrade sat on the table, next to the Sawn-Off Shotgun.


Upgrading Inventory Size As Alan Wake

Alan Wake’s inventory is a bit smaller than Sage’s, as he only has access to three rows, with a fourth one unlocked via a single upgrade. Like all of Alan’s skills and abilities, they’re unlocked by finding Words of Power within The Dark Place. Words of Power come in many different flavours, such as Gun, Aid, War and others, but the Words of Power category you need is Words of Stuff. Once you’ve found a Words of Stuff location and unlocked the relevant skill point, spend it on the Magic Pocket perk and you’ll be given access to another inventory row.

A great place to find a Words of Stuff location is in the Oceanview Hotel, which can be found during the chapter Initiation 5. After you’ve entered the Hotel, make your way through the various rooms until you reach the Ballroom, and once you’ve changed the scene for the first time, you should see some yellow paint on the walls signifying a Word of Power is nearby. Head behind the bar, and on the roof, you’ll see the Word of Stuff spiral you’re looking for.

Alan Wake 2 is available now on PC via the Epic Games Store, PS5 and Xbox Series X & S.

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