Alan Wake 2 – How To Upgrade Weapons

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Alan Wake 2
Alan Wake 2

Considering Alan Wake 2 is a survival horror experience, it makes sense that both playable characters, Saga Anderson and the titular Mr Wake, are both able to upgrade the capabilities of their weapons. However, because Saga and Alan currently reside in two completely different planes of reality, the methods that both characters use to upgrade their weapons are not the same. If you want to make sure your pistols, shotguns and other weapons are just that bit more devastating, this is how you can upgrade your weapons in Alan Wake 2.


Upgrading Your Weapon As Saga Anderson

Upgrading your weapon in Alan Wake 2 as Saga Anderson is simple enough, but finding the materials you need is another story entirely. In order to upgrade your weapons, you’ll need to find Manuscript Scraps, which can be used to create weapon upgrades in Saga’s Mind Place. Each weapon that Saga can use has three upgrades, which massively improve the weapon’s core abilities.

Manuscript Scraps can be found across Bright Falls, Cauldron Lake and Watery, with one of the easiest places to find them being in Alex Casey Lunchboxes. Each of the lunchboxes has a few scraps, helping you on your journey to upgrading all of your weapons. You can find a good few lunchboxes in the Cauldron Lake area, especially during Chapter 3 when the water level in the area recedes.


Upgrading Your Weapon As Alan Wake

In order to upgrade your weapons will playing as Alan Wake, you need to find certain Words of Power across The Dark Place. Alan can find Words of Power across a number of different categories, but the categories that you need to find are Words of Gun and Words of War. Both of these categories feature upgrades that improve Wake’s three core weapons: the Revolver, the Flare Gun and the Shotgun.

Alan Wake 2 is available now on PC via the Epic Games Store, PS5 and Xbox Series X & S.

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