A Rat’s Quest – The Way Back Home Scurries Out With New Trailer

You’ve heard of playing with a keyboard and mouse, but now you can try a rat.

Publisher HandyGames and developer The Dreamerians release new footage of the upcoming rodent action-adventure game, A Rat’s Quest – The Way Back Home.

The game was announced two years ago, with additional details and updates coming out irregularly. Now, the developers have put forth a new trailer for the game to shine further light on the game’s mechanics and story.

Players will control Mat the Rat as he scuttles through various levels from a rat’s eye view, crawling and climbing through various environments. Another major selling point for the developers is the story’s animated film-level storytelling, with fully voice-acted and vividly animated cutscenes to tell Mat’s story.

While those with rodent-related phobias might be turned off by a game centering vermin, the trailer’s cheerful and light tone suggests that the game will be much more Ratatouille than A Plague Tale: Innocence. 

A Rat’s Quest – The Way Back Home Release Details

While there isn’t an official release date yet for A Rat’s Guest – The Way Back Home will be available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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