A Million Little Things: Season 2 – Episode 19 ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ REVIEW

The season finale provides drama and a shocking ending in a wrap up that has shaken fans everywhere.

a million little things til death do us part

“‘Til Death Do Us Part” has all the makings of a happy season finale, covering the birth of Rome and Regina’s baby and Katherine and Eddie’s vow renewal, but ends up being an episode filled with complete tragedy. It makes for a good season finale to leave us on a cliffhanger, but it also leaves us devastated for the characters.

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Rome and Regina have worked so hard and have helped Eve through so much to see their dream of becoming parents turn into a reality. They really are a loving couple who are destined to make truly amazing parents. However, they never get their chance.

Eve has a complicated delivery, and for a bit, Rome and Regina are fearful of losing their baby and possibly Eve as well. Eve is rushed out of a room for surgery and they are left behind, unsure as to what will happen next. The fear and torture of waiting eats them up, but they finally hear the good news they were waiting for, that mother and baby are fine. They’re ready to take their son home in the same outfit Rome was taken home in, gifted to the couple by Rome’s father, but their baby boy never wears the sailor suit, as Eve has changed her mind, opting to keep her baby rather than give it to Rome and Regina.

I can understand why Eve would have trouble letting her son go, but it was sheer cruelty to do what she did to Rome and Regina. Dangling their dream before their faces and then taking it away was awful. She pleaded with them to understand, but how could she expect such a thing from them? She put them through more than the usual birth mother, and still she doesn’t give them the baby they wanted so much. It seems terribly unfair. After everything, the least Eve could do was keep her original agreement with them and give them the baby. A baby that was to be named Jon, after their deceased friend, which would have made the baby’s birth that much more special. Delilah and Regina’s tearful embrace as they discussed the name was a beautiful and happy moment, a way to honor Jon in the best way.

Rome and Regina have the resources to give the baby a better life than Eve can, and they have so much love to give. To have that ripped away will be a wound that will take a long time to heal, if ever. It also looks like Regina blames Rome, as she angrily tells him with tears in her eyes that he was the one that made her want the baby. She needs someone to blame, but Rome isn’t it. Will their marriage be threatened? Will the loss of the baby break them up? They’re my favorite couple on the show and have always worked through everything before. Could the loss of their baby be their undoing?

Rome and Regina weren’t the only ones experiencing tragedy in “‘Til Death Do Us Part”. Maggie finally tells Gary how she really feels, and he explodes, his voice rising, emphasizing his pain as he yells at her. I thought it was rightfully so, as Maggie has the worst timing in the world. Gary moved on with Darcy. As a matter of fact, Darcy was at the hospital with all of them, and Maggie still chose to make it all about her and tell Gary how she felt.

Gary’s performance was realistic and well-done. Maggie had so many chances to tell him how she felt and she didn’t take it. She should’ve let it go, given he’s with someone else. Wanting him to go to Oxford with her now was insanity. Why would he go with her after everything she put him through? Granted they both did things wrong in their relationship, but I don’t think Maggie’s learned from her mistakes as well as Gary has learned from his. Maggie expected some kind of movie fairytale ending with Gary in which he’d leave Darcy and go with her to England, but that’s just not how life works.

That’s why I supported Gary staying with Darcy and seeing where things went with her. Maggie can still be his friend, but he’s with Darcy now, and it has all the potential to head somewhere serious. Maggie may find someone in England. Fans are likely disappointed given Maggie and Gary still aren’t together, but when something isn’t meant to be, especially when it’s the wrong time, it just won’t work out. At least Gary got to apologize for being so brutal before and bid her farewell at the airport, giving fans at least a happy moment between the two before the episode’s end. Gary shouldn’t be dropping Darcy’s hand whenever Maggie’s around, he should be happy and embrace Darcy without feeling ashamed or trying to protect Maggie. He moved on, now Maggie can, too.

On the lighter side of things, Sophie, Danny and Charlie met Miles, Delilah’s boyfriend. Miles appears uncertain as to what to do when he realizes who they are before they realize who he is, and I was afraid Delilah would lie to her children for a moment, and I was so glad to see she didn’t. Again, honesty is the best policy, and it was something of a humorous introduction, given the kids initially had no idea who they were talking to, and once they did, they acted awkwardly, especially Danny who offered a funny-sounding “hello.”

The other humorous part about “‘Til Death Do Us Part” that I enjoyed was Theo. He’s one of my favorite characters. Telling Gary and Rome to “suck it” because Eddie chose him to be his best man was priceless given the looks on their faces. In an episode as serious and emotional as this one, you need to have moments like this to give the audience a break and balance things out with a little comedy in the mix.

More good news comes in the form of Delilah’s relationship with Miles. He stuck by their sides in the hospital, offering to get food and information, as he’s an EMT, to help. He’s a good guy, and after the events of this episode, I could see his relationship with Delilah going somewhere. Perhaps Delilah is going to find a happy ending with the unlikeliest of partners, given Miles is 10 years her junior. After everything, she certainly deserves it.

The biggest tragedy of all was Eddie’s storyline. He starts off happily, getting ready to renew his vows with Katherine, but an appearance from Alex’s sister shakes him up as she yells at him to let the whole thing go. I understood where she was coming from, as no one wants to relive painful memories, but from Eddie’s perspective, I knew that finding the truth would be the only thing that would answer his questions and give him some kind of peace.

The thing is, knowing the truth doesn’t always bring peace. In Eddie’s case, it brings him further anguish. He remembers a little more about the night Alex died, and though he tried to save her, all he came up with was Alex’s charm bracelet, the very one he’d given her. It reflects his dream about Jon, symbolic in meaning. He couldn’t save either of his friends, and he carries that burden with him. Perhaps that’s how Alex’s story ties into Jon’s.

Eddie never makes it to the hospital, instead heading back to the lake house to recover the clothes Lindsay hid years before. When he gets his answers, he heads straight to a bar, believing if it hadn’t been for him, Alex would still be alive.

While a horrible tragedy, it was an accident no one could have foreseen. Eddie has trouble seeing that at first, ordering his drink and nearly taking a sip before noticing the old man beside him. The old man watching TV and drinking alone, as Eddie later declares, saved him. I have a feeling Eddie saw himself in that man, and didn’t want to be that man in the future, so he makes the choice to put down the drink and call Katherine, who’s been worriedly trying to reach him for hours.

Their beautiful discussion as Eddie assures her he didn’t drink and promises to tell her everything, adding that he wants to do their vows, even if it’s just the two of them, was meaningful and one of my favorite parts. All looks well until suddenly Eddie’s hit by a truck, marking the end of the episode. It’s something no one expected to happen, given there were no warnings. Eddie is the last person we’d expect to be hit by a truck, especially when it seemed he was finally putting his life back together just in time to potentially lose it all, depending on the outcome of the accident.

I have to admit, I expected something bad to happen, as I had seen the truck just prior to Eddie walking into the bar. I had this sense of dread, watching the truck in the background. To me, it appeared to be following Eddie, until it parked behind him. The vibrant color of it is what originally drew my attention, and I just had a feeling that the truck was going to be an important part of the episode somehow.

Looking back, I realize the truck’s presence in the background was foreshadowing. The truck I noticed before was the same color as the hood of the vehicle that struck Eddie. My other theory is that the old man from the bar is the driver, which would make Eddie’s statement about the guy saving him a cruel irony.

I somewhat blame Lindsay. Eddie was keeping in touch with her throughout the day, and she knew he was in a bar. She didn’t try to go after him, and she certainly didn’t tell Katherine anything until Katherine, in a steely voice, demanded to know what was going on. Katherine had every right to be angry, Lindsay needed to stop with the lies and should’ve told her sister-in-law everything from the beginning. If she had, maybe they could’ve tracked down Eddie in time to stop him from ever going to the bar, and by extension, getting hit by the truck.

Just when things are back on track and seemingly perfect, tragedy strikes. Will Eddie live? What will happen between him and Katherine? Katherine was on the phone with him, does she know what happened and get to him in time? I can’t imagine their family torn apart after all they’ve already been through and overcome. In any case, the shocking twist and Eddie’s fate has rattled fans and left them wondering what will become of Eddie and his family.

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a million little things til death do us part
Loss, drama and raw emotion drove the episode from beginning to end. “‘Til Death Do Us Part” had a perfectly structured and timed pace alongside strong performances, and left us on a cliffhanger that is sure to keep fans hooked as they anxiously wait to find out everyone’s fates, especially Eddie’s.