There Sure Are A Lot Of Free PC Games Available Right Now

And they're all quite good too.

The Sims 4

Does anyone even really need to buy games these days? The patient among us can scoop up at least a handful of new games every week without spending a dime, just as long as they don’t mind playing stuff that isn’t exactly brand new.

At this time of writing, it seems like there’s a higher concentration of worthwhile free PC games than normal, so we’ve managed to track them all down and put them into an easy list for you. All of this is obviously subject to change/the passage of time.

Grid 2 is free on Steam right now. Add it your account and it’s yours forever; no need to install it immediately. Mostly positive reviews.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition will also cost you heck all on Steam at this time of writing. Add it your account and it’s yours forever; no need to install it immediately. Very positive reviews.

The Sims 4 is free to own on Origin. The catch is that you must have an Origin account and launcher, and that there are six million pieces of DLC for this thing. That’s quite the price to pay.

And of course don’t forget that there are a tonne of good and worthwhile free games on PC generally.

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