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6 Things Movies Predict Will Happen In 2019

What's more likely in 2019: flying cars or a vampire plague?

What do you think of when you visualise what might be in the future? Giant skyscrapers, flying cars, hoverboards, robots and space travel are probably a few things that come to mind. Most of what we envision likely stems from what we’ve seen in films, and with every passing year, as technology progresses even further, we’re slowly but surely catching up to our conception of the future.

Of course, a lot of what we see from sci-fi movies is a complete load of rubbish, with most of it probably never going to happen. However, it’s still fun to have a look at what past films thought of the future and compare it to how it actually turned out. For that reason, here are six things that have been predicted for 2019. And, for a bit more fun, I ranked them from least likely to happen, to most likely.


6. Global Vampire Plague (Daybreakers, 2009)

A bit of a gloomy one, but a global plague which sends people batty for the taste of blood is to be expected for next year. So make sure you bottle up that blood while you can because it’ll be in high demand after the majority of the population turns into vampires – it seems unlikely, but you never know.

On a similar note, if you’re one of those fortunate enough not to be hit by the plague, you’ll probably want to keep your crosses, holy water and garlic close to hand. Although none of those things are used in the film so I don’t know how much good it will do you.


5. Bioengineered Androids (Blade Runner, 1982)

While Blade Runner may have foreseen quite a bleak future for us, it was rather optimistic about how far technology would have advanced by now. Amongst a diverse range of futuristic tech featured in the film, the bioengineered androids known as ‘Replicants’ are perhaps the most sophisticated.

The intricate design of these androids makes them almost indistinguishable from a human without the help of a Voigt-Kampff machine – a device which acts kind of like a Turing test. And when left to their own devices long enough, they can even develop emotions.

This takes the fifth spot since being able to create something capable of emotion seems like it’d be slightly more difficult than creating typhoon-terminating satellites, but I’ve been wrong before.


4. Climate-Controlling Satellites (Geostorm, 2017)

Based off of this film, we should soon have satellites with the power to extinguish even the mightiest of typhoons. Now, you might be thinking that a disaster movie probably isn’t the most ideal place to look for predictions of the future. But I feel confident that with a tried and tested man like Gerard Butler on our side, any threat of global destruction could swiftly be prevented.

With Geostorm releasing just last year, and as I’m sure it took no liberties in being as scientifically accurate as possible, it leaves me hopeful that satellites with these weather-controlling capabilities could be just around the corner. Although let’s just hope they aren’t as susceptible to being weaponized as they are in this movie.


3. Flying Cars (Blade Runner, 1982)

Both myself and Ridley Scott thought that our cars would be able to fly by now. But sadly we were both wrong. Known as ‘spinners’ in the Blade Runner world, they had the capability to travel by land or by air and were seen extensively throughout the dystopian, sci-fi version of Los Angeles.

Cars with the ability to traverse the sky have had countless representations throughout movies. And even outside of fiction, people have had a crack at inventing the flying car, but nothing has come close to the design we all picture when we think of them.

I feel like we’re constantly on the cusp of reaching this level of technology, but at the same time, it seems like it will forever be a thing for the future. Honestly, at this point, I’d settle for a real-life Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.


2. Human Cloning (The Island, 2005)

Michael Bay expected 14 years to be a reasonable amount of time before we were able to produce perfectly identical human clones and, who knows, maybe this will be something that comes about in 2019.

As long as we steer away from using human clones for the macabre practice of organ harvesting, I think this could be a pretty cool thing to be able to do. Who wouldn’t want another version of themselves with all the exact same hobbies and interests? You’d always have someone to back you up or who shares your opinion. And if it came to it, since I’m such a cool dude, I’d probably give myself a kidney if I really needed it.


1. Fight To The Death Game Shows (The Running Man, 1987)

Does it seem crude to think that a gladiator-style fight to the death game show is the thing that’s most likely to come into fruition next year? When you compare it to what’s already on TV, it doesn’t seem like we’re that far off, if I’m honest.

It seems like a sound concept to let convicted criminals fight for their lives and gain their freedom if they win. It’d be entertaining. And, would I watch it? Yeah, probably. However, the obvious issue here is if people would be okay with letting the winners back out onto the streets. There are probably some morality issues to iron out as well. But it’s almost definitely the sort of show that would only be on in America though, so I needn’t worry.

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