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NXT just got a lot more Rated R

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Edge made his first-ever appearance on NXT television this week and implied that he might use his Royal Rumble victory to challenge for the black and gold brand’s title. Edge rightly stated that NXT focuses more on ‘wrestling’ than it does ‘entertainment’, something that Edge is more than happy to indulge in now that he’s returning for full-time competition. What better roster for him to produce stellar wrestling matches with than the NXT locker room?

If Edge does use his WrestleMania opportunity to clash with Finn Balor, then there’s a lot of potential NXT dream matches for ‘The Rated R Superstar’ to tick off the list in the meantime. In this list, we’re going to run down 5 potential NXT opponents for Edge to stand across the ring from in the weeks leading to WrestleMania 37.


1. Pete Dunne

Pete Dunne
Source: WWE

‘The Bruiserweight’ is set to challenge for the NXT Championship at NXT: Vengeance Day, and it’s bound to be one hell of a match. Whoever comes out of this match as champion is going to look stronger than ever, and what better opponent for them to then move onto than the Hall of Famer looking for competition.

Dunne is a star in the making and about to reach his peak, especially if he is victorious over Balor next weekend. For him to then move onto feuding with a superstar of Edge’s calibre would be a huge statement for the faith NXT have in Pete as one of their top names.

Edge has had instant classics with hard-hitting technicians in the past, see Edge’s battles with William Regal if you need a reason to get excited about this potential banger. It’d be a win-win for both superstars, Edge gets more experience working with younger stars and Dunne gets another big match under his belt.


2. Santos Escobar

Santos Escobar
Source: WWE

It seems that NXT have a little more faith in Santos Escobar than him just being your run of the mill cruiserweight. Santos Escobar has recently entered a non-title feud with Karrion Kross, which demonstrates his ability to crossover into the main event scene of NXT if and when he chooses.

I have a soft spot for the former Fantasma too, and I think a match against someone as experienced as Edge could help bring out a new side to him that might elevate him to the next step in his career.

Edge has a long history working with Lucha and Latino stars, putting together fantastic performances with the likes of Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero. Should WWE be looking to make Santos Escobar the next big Latino star in WWE, then putting him in the ring with Edge could be a great way to put those aspirations in motion.


3. Johnny Gargano

Johnny Gargano
Source: WWE

The current NXT North American Champion has created quite the buzz around himself and his new stable since turning heel last year. Despite the change in character, Gargano has continued to put on top quality matches against Damian Priest, Leon Ruff and KUSHIDA — he has not missed a beat since dropping the happy-go-lucky babyface gimmick.

Putting ‘Johnny Wrestling’ in a one-on-one match against Edge would be a mouth-watering experience, to say the least. Both men have a flair for technical and psychology wrestling, and there’s no doubt in my mind that a ring general like Gargano would make ‘The Rated R Superstar’ look like he’s at the top of his game.

It would also help boost the credibility of NXT’s mid-card title as well, having a Hall of Famer vying for the big red belt would turn it into one of the most sought after championships in all of wrestling.



Walter with UK title
source: WWE

Speaking of ring generals, NXT UK’s WALTER could very well be a great choice for Edge to stand across the ring from. Edge hasn’t had many chances to compete against wrestlers of WALTER’s size, aside from the occasional match with Big Show or A-Train back in 2002. If anyone can make WALTER look like the baddest dude in the business, then it’d be Edge.

WALTER’s a genius when it comes to wrestling psychology, the possibilities that could come from a match strung together by both him and Edge could be endless. Of course, WALTER needs to be protected at all costs if he is to continue dominating across all of NXT, a victory over ‘The Rated R Superstar’ would go a long way in making him one of the most feared names under the WWE umbrella.


5. Adam Cole

Adam Cole
Source: WWE

Arguably the biggest name in NXT today is none other than Adam Cole (BayBay). A man that has often been compared to the likes of Shawn Michaels and even Edge himself could possibly be the best option for ‘The Rated R Superstar’ to find himself feuding with in the lead-up to ‘Mania.

The Undisputed Era have hit a bit of a flunk since losing their slew of titles. Their feud with Pat McAfee and his brand have left them a little directionless, even with the Dusty Classic bringing Cole and Strong together as a duo for the first time. Providing they don’t go on to challenge for the NXT Tag titles (which wouldn’t be the least sensible decision following on from WarGames) then a match against Edge is a sure-fire money match for Adam Cole and NXT.

I would love to see these two clash, bringing all of Edge’s psychological game and Adam Cole’s indie style together for a potential Match of the Year candidate. Maybe even throw in some tables, ladders and chairs, just to make things a little more interesting and innovative. Either way, if Adam Cole is destined to be one of WWE’s top performers, then a match with Edge could bring him a step closer to megastardom.

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