Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Where To Find Endura Carrot

Endura Carrot
Endura Carrot

Endura Carrot is a rare material in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that’s useful for healing and making elixirs that greatly boost your stamina, but it’s also vital for helping you to upgrade your horse. It’s not very common, but there are a few reliable places where you can find an Endura Carrot in TOTK.

Probably the single easiest way of getting an Endura Carrot is visit a Cherry Blossom Tree, itself not that common. Each one of these has an Endura Carrot at its base.

You can find one (along with an Endura Carrot) most easily just to the east of Lookout Landing, the place you should start once you get back to Hyrule.

Find an Endura Carrot at the base of this tree and snag it.

You can also find Yamiyo Shrine right next to this tree, which is just about the easiest Light of Blessing in the game.

The second easiest way of getting an Endura Carrot in TOTK is to help out Trissa (the general store vendor) in Kakariko Village as part of the Codger’s Quarrel side quest, which involves getting Steen and Olkin to resolve their differences. Complete this side quest, then get your Endura Carrot as a reward.

The third, and perhaps most long winded, way of getting Endura Carrot is to grow it yourself, but you will need to complete the Hateno Village school side quests to unlock the ability to farm in TOTK, which could take dozens of hours, just depending on how you approach the game.

The Endura Carrot is quite an important material in TOTK, as you’ll need it to make friends with Malanya, the Horse God, who lives up in Akkala at Malanya Spring. They will help you to upgrade horses after you’ve tamed them.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available now on Switch.

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