Your New Favourite Band: Peluché

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As if you needed any further evidence of my God given gift for spotting awesomeness in new music, my amazing ability of predicting with 100% accuracy further awesomeness and big things for said awesome new music, how awesome 2015 is going to be for music based solely on how awesome PULSE is, how I overuse the word awesome, and how awesomely modest I am – here it is.

Having previously cropped up in our NEW MUSIC YOU NEED IN 2015 lists, Peluché had us CULTURED VULTURES hooked from the get-go with their sublime single ‘Ohio’ with its joyously absurd, jittering funk-pop, laden with magnificent harmonies. Seriously, it’s so infectious you’d think it was sexually transmitted. Now they’re keeping the momentum going by revealing their up and coming single ‘Sin’, due for release April 6th.

This time around the band have changed the pace up some, but the music is no less genre jumping and free of boundaries as it glides between Dub, smooth jazz, soul, even more stunning vocals, and more earworm melodies. Check it out as you read this interview with the kookiest three-piece in pop.

Hello there, how’s things, and who am I talking to today?

We’re good thanks, it’s Sophie, Amy and Rhapsody here.

We recently included you in our New Music You Need in 2015 feature, in which I prattled on about you, but how would you describe Peluché?

We were once described by someone as an 80’s punk bubble bath, which we liked!

I think it’s fair to say that you have an especially distinct and unique sound, what are some of your biggest musical influences? How about lyrically?

We listen to a variety of things – we were listening to The War On Drugs’ ‘Lost in the Dream‘ on repeat while driving on our tour, which is a great album. We like ESG, Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club, Fela Kuti, The Smiths. We try not to pigeonhole ourselves by one genre.

It’s not just your music that’s unique though, as can be seen in the striking video for ‘Ohio’. How’d that video come about? Did you have much input in it? It’s got a kind of Mighty Boosh vibe.

We worked with Jack Taylor Gotch on the video – he’s a really good photographer and he directed some of our friends’ videos in the past; we really like his style. We had the idea of a singing mountain and a scuba diving scene and the rest was kind of improvised on the day, with different coloured backdrops. It was all filmed in a 13 hour day in an old theatre in South London, and we were all a bit tired and silly by the end.

Speaking of ‘Ohio’, how have you found the reaction so far? What’s next on the schedule release wise? Working towards an album?

The reaction so far has been great, and we’re looking forward to putting some more songs out! We’ve just finished recording our next single, Sin, which will be released in spring.  At the moment the plan is to release a few more singles and then start working on an album.

With 2015 off to a start, how’s your diary looking on the live front? Touring? Anywhere our readers can come and catch you live?

We’ll be playing our single launch very soon*, so will be announcing the venue and date soon. Also planning a UK tour and some gigs in France hopefully! We’ll be playing at Nozstock Festival in July too.

Aside from yourselves, who we are wholeheartedly recommending for listening, what new bands do you know of that we should be getting excited about and sticking in our ears?

We recently played with Soccer96 who are a fantastic drums and synth duo. Bamboo are also brilliant, they are worth checking out.

Our very own Cultured Vulture goes by the name of Voltaire, but if you had yourselves a pet vulture of particular culture, what would you call it?

Fred, a techno-loving vulture from Berlin.

*Peluché’s single release party is at Servant Jazz Quarters, March 26th.

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