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After an action-packed and brilliant fourth season, Young Justice has once again managed to enthrall fans. The smart pacing and genius use of every character available in the DC universe are two of the reasons why the series is just so good. But with Warner Bros. Discovery deciding to give an entire overhaul to their DC franchises, many shows have faced cancellation, so what does that mean for a possible Young Justice: Season 5?

Unfortunately, the decision of Young Justice: Season 5 remains in limbo for now. HBO Max had only ordered one season of the superhero show, and though the series has performed admirably well, there aren’t any plans for a continuation.


When Is Young Justice: Season 5 Coming Out?

Sadly, Young Justice: Season 5 has not been confirmed and due to that there’s no official release date for the show’s return, and it may never return following the controversial merger between Warner Bros and Discovery that’s seen plenty of projects cancelled on HBO Max. As of this writing, Young Justice has not been picked up for another season, with writer Greg Weisman unsure of its return.

If we were to speculate a release window for if Season 5 was to go ahead, though, keeping in mind the series’ history, we’d say mid-2024/early 2025 could be considered as a tentative year for its return.

As the fourth season finished its run in mid-2022, waiting for a couple of years to get a sequel is already a given. With luck, news of its renewal rolls up and though the wait might be long, fans of the show would at least be at ease for its future.


What Is Young Justice: Season 5 About? (Spoiler Alert)

Young Justice: Season 4 left us with a bittersweet finale. Superboy and Miss Martian tied the knot, the White Martians found a new home, and the Kryptonians were finally freed from The Phantom Zone. Though the most shocking twist of all was that Kara (Supergirl) and Mary Marvel became Darkseid’s enforcers.

So there are a lot of potential storylines the writers could pursue next. Supergirl and Black Mary are now supposedly the next generation of Furies, so their clash with our heroes is unavoidable at this point. The House of Zod will surely seek vengeance in the fifth season too as Ursa plans to raise her child on Daxam with the same hatred she has for our oddball heroes.


Which Studio Is Making Young Justice: Season 5?

While the first three seasons were animated by DR Movie, MOI Animation Inc., Digital eMation, and others, the fourth one was wholly brought alive by Studio Mir. If Young Justice: Season 5 does get announced soon, then you will most likely see it be animated by Studio Mir once again.

It’s surprising when you find out that the show is alternating studios with each season, which is most likely the result of the long breaks between every renewal. But even with so many different studios animating Young Justice, neither one has failed at re-enacting those emotion-charged moments between the cast.


Where Will Young Justice: Season 5 Be Aired?

The first two seasons of the show aired on Cartoon Network, while the third one arrived on WB’s DC Universe subscription service. With the fourth renewal following an earlier cancellation, the series again shifted house to HBO Max. Though we don’t have official confirmation yet, Young Justice: Season 5 should arrive on HBO Max as well.

Multiple DC projects have been canceled since the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, and while many projects like Batgirl and Supergirl have been scrapped, hope still lingers for Young Justice: Season 5.

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