Yep, We’re Getting a Movie About “Fake News”

And it might not be half bad.


Because why not, right? We’re already making movies about emojis, so a movie about a buzzword is the next logical step, right?

Granted, it’s a pretty powerful buzzword, describing a phenomenon that helped get the orange-in-chief elected with, yes, stories about, I don’t know, a child sex ring supposedly being run out of a pizza parlor in D.C. that Hillary Clinton maybe had something to do with? Maybe? None of it made any sense, and there wasn’t a lick of truth to it, but it was salacious, and played into the whole “Crooked Hillary” narrative, and the rubes just ate it up.

Truthfully, though, the movie, at least as described in the press release, doesn’t look half bad. It stars Eric Roberts, a wonderful character actor who has appeared in 400(!) movies since his career really got started in the early 1980’s. He might be most well known for his role as the gangster Maroni in The Dark Knight, but he’s an excellent watch all around. I highly recommend checking him out in the 1985 thriller Runaway Train, in which he co-starred with Jon Voight.

Despite the very over-the-top title, I’d be willing to give this one a chance.


Fake News begins filming in a couple of weeks. It is being produced by Snap Independent Features.


Get paid.