UPDATED: Xbox Series X/S Storage Expansion Card Prices Were An Error

Eurogamer have clarified that the prices they listed were an error.

Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X

UPDATE (23/09/2020): Eurogamer, who were the original source for the price of the Xbox Series X/S Storage Expansion Card, have taken to Twitter to clarify that the price they listed was in fact an error.

Eurogamer’s Xbox Series X/S pre-order guide incorrectly listed the Xbox Elite Controller as the Expansion Card, meaning the price shown was that of the controller. There’s never been a listing for the expansion card. That said, the cost of an external SSD is still around £150, so you could still consider that to be a benchmark of what the Xbox Series X/S Storage Expansion Card will cost.

ORIGINAL POST (22/09/2020): With game sizes growing to bigger and bigger sizes (yeah, we’re looking at you, Modern Warfare), extra storage options for your consoles have become somewhat of a necessity, which is why Xbox announced Storage Expansion Cards for the Xbox Series X earlier this year.


What Is The Xbox Series X Storage Expansion Card?

It’s pretty much what it says on the tin. Custom designed by Seagate, the Storage Expansion Card is designed to increase the storage capacity of the Xbox’s internal SSD, meaning you can enjoy more games optimised for next-gen. Considering that the Xbox Series S is shipping with a 512GB internal SSD, an expansion will be necessary sooner rather than later.

Sure, you can still use external hard drives, or any spare SSD’s if you have them, but the Seagate offering is the official Xbox-endorsed way of increasing your storage for Series X optimised games. If you’re planning on playing lots of current or previous gen games, consider using a cheaper external hard drive for those games.


Alright, So What’s The Price?

According to the website Twisted Voxel, the Storage Card Expansion will cost £159.99, which translates to around $205 for America. Twisted Voxel cite Eurogamer’s Xbox Series X/S pre-order in their report, which had a listing for the Expansion Card via Smyth’s Toys, but the listing has since been removed.


That’s Pretty Expensive, Huh?

Honestly, yeah. It’s quite the asking price to ensure you can play next-gen games at their prettiest/smoothest. At £159, it’s only £90 cheaper than the actual Xbox Series S. To get both would cost over £400, while getting an Xbox Series X instead would lead to a cost of over £600. That’s a lot of money for anyone to put down on a new console and accessory.

That being said, external SSD prices are quite steep at the moment regardless. For a 1TB external SSD, you’re looking at paying around £150 anyway, so £10 more isn’t exactly too much of a mark-up. If anything, you’re paying a little bit extra for the Seagate Expansion Card because it’s been custom designed for the Xbox Series X/S. You’d hope that would mean it’ll be faster and more reliable that any other offering on the market.


Will We Be Picking One Up?

Eventually, more than likely. Considering I’m planning on picking up both the PS5 and Xbox Series X before the end of the year (R.I.P, bank balance), dropping another £160 on an expansion card when I have a perfectly reliable 2TB hard drive currently in-use doesn’t make sense. Once that 1TB internal SSD gets full though, then we’ll talk.

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