WWE Releases Emma, Summer Rae, and Darren Young

Source: theringsideview.com

WWE has released 3 wrestlers all at once, something they’ve not done in a fair while.

Summer Rae is not a surprising release, her lack of TV time and use in the last few years makes this decision fairly understandable from WWE’s perspective.

Darren Young, while being notable for being the first openly gay wrestler to come out while still active in WWE, has had several chances to gain momentum and not been able to capitalise on them. His only real success came as half of the Prime Time Players alongside Titus O’Neil or way back in the very early days of The Nexus and even then he was the fall guy. His most memorable moment on his own would be the surprising battle royal he managed to win when other superstars eliminated themselves leaving him the surprising winner and recipient of an Intercontinental Title shot. Outside of that, recurring injuries and failed gimmicks like the Make Darren Young Great Again w/Bob Backlund idea, never got much traction.

Emma is the surprise of this batch, having just recently cracked consistent ring time on Monday nights as well as having her first singles PPV match in a high profile encounter with Asuka. Perhaps WWE is still sore over her essentially wasting the opportunity with the Emmalina gimmick they spent months promoting, but unfortunately for the Aussie this second firing doesn’t appear to be about to be reversed like her previous one was several years back.

Emma summed up the situation with this from Twitter.

Whether this is the entire group of firings or WWE is just getting warmed up for a mass exodus like they have in the past is yet to be determined.

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