WWE Releases Simon Gotch

The Vaudevillian becomes the first to be future endeavored in Vince McMahon's post-Wrestlemania spring clean.


WWE just announced today that they have come to a mutual agreement to release one half of the Vaudevillains, Simon Gotch, form his WWE contract.

Here is the statement released by WWE:

“WWE has come to terms on a mutually agreed upon release with Simon Gotch as of today, April 5, 2017. WWE wishes Gotch the best in all his future endeavors.”

This comes as a bit of a surprise to many of us, but at the same time it is a bit disheartening. The Vaudevillains were an under utilized Tag Team in the WWE and did deserve a better run with the company. The news also bring up the question of what direction WWE could possibly go with Gotch’s tag team partner Aiden English. Will the WWE repackage Aiden English as a singles competitor? Or will he soon also fall victim to the WWE chopping block?

It has only been a year since the WWE brought the Vaudevillians to the main roster. They were initially given a solid debut, where they participated in a Tag Team Tournament that saw them in a feud with Enzo & Cass. Having been former NXT Tag Team Champions, and serving up a solid run in NXT among some of the best Tag Teams in the division today, there was always hope for a strong run for The Vaudevillains. Poor booking choices and the almost extinct division on Smackdown Live hurt any potential the two had as a team in the WWE.

Simon Gotch now can turn his attention to making a name for himself outside of the confines of the WWE. Gotch is still at an age where he can go and make a real impact with Ring Of Honor, New Japan, or even Impact Wrestling. There is a strong possibility of a bright future for the now former WWE Superstar. Wherever Gotch ends up one can only wish the best for him moving forward and also hope this does not drastically hurt the opportunities for his tag team partner Aiden English.