WWE Announce NXT Europe To Launch In 2023



NXT is set to expand further into the European wrestling territory by the invention of NXT Europe, a subsection of the NXT brand which will sister alongside both the mainland NXT Show in America as well as NXT UK.

It was confirmed via WWE’s corporate press website that NXT Europe will be introduced to the wrestling landscape in 2023. And next year’s been no stranger to employing European talent in the past, including the likes of Pete Dunne, Rhea Ripley and WALTER, all of which have gone onto major success as part of not only just NXT, but also the main roster.

WWE have also announced that another World’s Collide event will take place on September 4th of this year, where NXT Superstars will face off against NXT UK talent coming off of a huge invasion angle that began on this week’s episode of Heatwave. We can imagine it. This will be an occasion where NXT UK talent will be put over in a massive way, in accordance with this new launch of NXT Europe.

NXT Europe should lead to the introduction of new stars from the scene that haven’t yet to be signed by WWE, whether they be from the UK market or across the continent. It’s more likely than not that promotions such as WXW and PROGRESS will be raided for the best of international talent.

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