WWE News: Ronda Rousey Training For WWE Debut?

Would you still be keen on seeing Ronda Rousey in a WWE ring?


The former UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion has had fairly good relations with Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and the WWE. First being shown as part of the live crowd at Wrestlemania 31 and more recently attending the tapings for the Mae Young Classic, it is safe to say that she’s certainly a fan of the product and rumours have floated for well over two years that she may be bringing that passion into the squared circle.

It seems that the rumours are almost confirmed, as reports are stating that Rousey has been training alongside 205 Live star and former Cruiserweight Champion, THE Brian Kendrick. The man who managed to give Eva Marie some credibility between the ropes, which is probably the biggest credential any trainer could have. What with Kendrick being somewhat of an expert in ring psychology, I’d say he’s the ideal trainer to reprogram Rousey’s wrestling style to suit sports-entertainment as opposed to legitimate competition.

Although this is still mere speculation, all seems to be pointing towards Rousey eventually wrestling alongside the likes of Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and the rest of the stacked Women’s Division. Rousey’s contract details with UFC have been kept under wraps, so who knows whether this happen anytime soon, but considering how much Ronda’s stock has dropped by over the past year, it wouldn’t surprise me if we saw her time with the UFC end sooner rather than later.

Ronda Rousey has become a brand since putting the UFC Women’s classes on the map, venturing into Hollywood and other popular medias. It seems only natural that she would translate into WWE’s style of wrestling, which tends to champion character and presence over competition. Rousey making the jump to WWE would be huge for the wrestling industry and would likely bring a new wave of global attention to the product.

What could possibly go wrong?


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