Wrestling News: WWE Officially Releases Eva Marie

Say what you want about her, but Eva Marie got people talking in WWE.

Eva Marie has certainly left her mark on the wrestling industry since her debut in 2013 as part of the ailing women’s division. ‘All Red Everything’ soon came under fire from the fans for not exactly being the most versed wrestler to step inside the ring, a criticism which failed to die down up until her final days with the company.

Granted, Marie did show some improvement during her NXT tenure while being trained by THE Brian Kendrick. However she failed to shake the nuclear heat which followed her back onto the main roster. Admittedly, they were going somewhere with her new ‘gimmick’, consistently advertising her debut match as part of the new and improved Smackdown Live, yet announcing that she was unable to compete via obnoxious voice-over. It seemed to suit her strengths, managing to evoke a decent reaction from the riled crowds while not even stepping foot inside the squared circle.

Following a violation of the wellness policy, Eva Marie was suspended from the main roster and failed to appear or be mentioned since. All seemed to point towards the inevitable, and on August 4th, it was confirmed. Eva Marie, one of the most controversial female wrestlers of this generation, was released from her contract.

Now pursuing other ventures in film and fitness, Eva Marie remains in the limelight and has a strong social media presence for any fans wanting to stay in the know. Probably not someone to expect a return from, nor a place in the Hall of Fame, but undoubtedly a character that will never be forgotten.


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