WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 Card and Predictions

Hell in a Cell

(Full card hasn’t been confirmed, however it’s a pretty safe bet that these will be the matches, perhaps give or take the US/ Intercontinental Title matches.)

The Usos vs. Gold and Stardust (Tag Team Championship)-preshow.

Gold & Stardust

I love Goldust and Stardust. I shouldn’t, I know I should’t but I do. They have the right mix of technical brilliance and insanity that actually makes them work and gives them that edge, but at the same time breathes a breath of fresh air into what was a dying division. The tag team division is still very much lacking, but with the addition of Miz and Mizdow I have strong hopes for the feature.

Moving onto The Usos, I think they’re OK. They seem to be struggling to find their place right now and they don’t seem to be able to get into a good rhythm in any aspect. They are fundamentally a face tag team duo and given the current division, they have no other choice. Off the top of my head the only other face duo would be the Big Show and Mark Henry(comment below if i’m wrong).So yeah, with such strong heel teams, it’s hard to shine when you’re an average, generic face duo.

Predicted winners: Gold&Stardust


Rusev vs. Big Show

Rusev and Big Show

I’m getting bored of this now, and it seems like the rest of the world is behind me. Rusev is a dominating character and his gimmick is good, but it’s getting old and it’s getting old fast. This being said though, I don’t see how else the WWE creative team can push him. His edge is being ‘technically’ unbeaten. It’s a tough one.

I’ve decided that the Big Show is probably going to get the victory, especially given the segment on Monday’s RAW, but possibly through disqualification. Either way, the match isn’t going to go smoothly, we may even see Lana give her first wrestling debut…of sorts.

Predicted winner: Big Show


AJ Lee Vs Paige – Divas Championship

AJ Lee Vs Paige
AJ and Paige are without a doubt carrying this division, but this will be their third PPV encounter, which means it has to be the last because as great as their matches are, it will get tedious. I like the idea of Paige getting close and Alicia Fox ruining the match, thus giving her a run against the Divas champion. It means that Paige will still very much be on the scene (ruining matches etc) but it throws in another Diva and possibly helps open it up to the female locker room.

Another potential spin is that Alicia is working with AJ, but as the commentary has very much drummed home the fact that AJ is a lone wolf that theory can probably be thrown out the window. I don’t see Paige getting the title this time as it’ll just make this feud go on longer, and I think its time to bow out gracefully.

Predicted winner: AJ Lee


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