Why WWE Booked Monday Night Raw The Way They Did – 05/06/17

Adi George found a crumpled memo in the bins behind WWE's headquarters in Connecticut. It was written in crayon, but here's what it said.


Another week of promo segments for R-Truth and Goldust

‬This feud needs to be a one-and-done deal,‭ ‬to ensure Goldust can move on quickly and capitalise on his momentum.‭ ‬The promo segments were well-received last week,‭ ‬so another week of them doesn’t seem like too bad an idea to build the program.‭ ‬The plan is to keep the two apart until they meet at Great Balls of Fire.


Elias Samson musical segment,‭ ‬and involvement in IC Title picture

The singing gimmick is clearly working and Elias is a genuine heat magnet.‭ ‬It’s also a unique debut angle and will ensure he sticks in the minds of the fans.‭ ‬Elias‭’ ‬involvement in the Intercontinental title picture ensures that his segments will get watched,‭ ‬and he gets credibility by association.‭ ‬Being able to throw down with Dean Ambrose ensures he looks strong.



Decision to have Big Cass be attacked

‭This is a classic move to take suspicion away from Big Cass,‭ ‬whilst at the same time allowing his eventual heel turn to be that much more impactful.‭ ‬When he turns heel,‭ ‬this move will show that he was willing to go to such lengths to deceive Enzo.‭ ‬That will make him an even more dastardly heel.


Decision to have the Titus Brand keep losing

Wins and losses don’t matter‭ – ‬what matters is Titus and Apollo making losing look good.‭ ‬Are these guys going to challenge for the Universal title any time soon‭? ‬Absolutely not.‭ ‬Is their dynamic entertaining‭? ‬Yes.‭ ‬They can take a loss,‭ ‬and it is their struggle to find the winning formula that so far is proving entertaining.‭ ‬Next week‭ (‬or possibly the week after‭) ‬we should be seeing more cohesion from the Titus Brand.

As a secondary impact,‭ ‬Kalisto actually looks fairly strong‭ – ‬a move to‭ ‬205‭ ‬Live would now have more impact should it happen.


Decision to have Shesaro win

This one is straightforward.‭ ‬They just won the tag championships.‭ ‬Losing now to Heath Slater‭ & ‬Rhino‭ (‬without Hardy involvement‭) ‬would be crazy.


Decision to involve Corey Graves in Kurt Angle’s conspiracy theory

This is one of our smarter moves.‭ ‬Of the non-wrestling talent,‭ ‬Corey is both well respected and great on the mic.‭ ‬When this brewing scandal blows up and takes centre stage,‭ ‬Corey will have a chance to entertain on the mic,‭ ‬opening up avenues towards a possible run as a manager in the future.


Decision to keep Kurt’s conspiracy theory vague

This leaves all doors open for the time being,‭ ‬and allows a healthy amount of fan speculation.‭ ‬Understanding what the fans are expecting to come of this scandal will make it that much more easy to swerve them.


Decision to have Neville turn on TJP

About time TJP had a shot at the title,‭ ‬and Neville gets to look even more dastardly.‭ ‬Like KO turning on Jericho,‭ ‬a heel turning on a heel is pretty strong.‭ ‬It makes sense to plug‭ ‬205‭ ‬Live on Raw in this instance.


Decision to have Big Show and Enzo beat Gallows‭ & ‬Anderson

The more prominent storyline is Enzo and Cass right now.‭ ‬A win for G&A wouldn’t make much sense since they’re not doing much right now.‭ ‬Add to that a returning Big Show,‭ ‬who is also implicated in the mystery attacker storyline,‭ ‬and the decision is easy.

Decision to let the Miz hold a celebration

Miz gets time on the mic,‭ ‬which is always a good thing.‭ ‬His focus on the value of the IC title will give it some much needed shine.‭ ‬Secondly,‭ ‬a heel celebrating a win is always good for attracting heat.


Decision to have Dean Ambrose psychologically and physically get the better of the Miz at the celebration

This move continues their storyline and introduces some conflict between the Miz and Maryse,‭ ‬something we have yet to see.‭ ‬This keeps the feud fresh whilst also ensuring both guys look strong.


Decision to have Roman Reigns beat Bray Wyatt

Of course‭, ‬whether involved in the title picture or not,‭ ‬Roman is the guy and must look strong every week because Wrestlemania‭ ‬34‭ ‬is just around the corner.‭ ‬The audience will come around to him.‭ ‬Just give them time.‭ ‬Bray has lost so many times before,‭ ‬another loss surely won’t make too much of a difference.


Decision to bring Nia Jax into the title picture

Alexa’s run with Bayley should end after the less-than-ideal showing at Extreme Rules.‭ ‬Nia has the look and manner which supplies instant credibility,‭ ‬and Alexa will look even stronger by overcoming a foe which presents totally different challenges than Bayley did.‭ ‬Mickie James and Dana Brooke also get TV time which they have been lacking lately,‭ ‬and so the Women’s Roster gets to showcase some depth.


Samoa Joe gets mic time and hurts Paul Heyman

‭‬This one is obvious.‭ ‬Joe’s mic skills are excellent and by hurting Paul Heyman fuel has instantly been added to the fire between him and Brock.‭ ‬When Brock returns next week he’ll be out for blood,‭ ‬and Joe should not back down from that encounter.


Samoa Joe beats Seth Rollins with assist from Bray Wyatt

‭ ‬Bray and Seth can have an excellent program which hopefully will propel both men to dizzier heights.‭ ‬Next week they will have the chance to flesh out their motivations going into their feud.‭ ‬Joe of course had to take the win heading into his title match.‭


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