WWE 2K20: Online Lobbies Return & More Multiplayer Details Revealed

Will this year's online modes be any less disastrous than usual?

WWE 2K20 Stone Cold

2K Studios unveiled this year’s improvements to the online multiplayer for WWE 2K20. The highly requested online lobbies have made a huge comeback, making the process of finding specific players and competing against them a lot more efficient. You can decide your match type, your arena and any other custom gubbins from within these lobbies, making playing with friends a lot easier than it was in previous games. Voice chat and privacy features are all included, now is the time for and your buds to come together for more than just pay-per-view watch parties.

2K have also made it easier for you to pick up and play online. You can now instantly find yourself a lobby or an opponent with the quick-play option. The system pairs you another player, tailoring the match to your specifications – whether you’re looking for fair fights, female superstar bouts or even a specific stipulation.

For the first time, male and female CAWs will be included as part of the online MyPlayer mode, Road to Glory. Your created superstars will develop experience through PVP matches, unlocking more options within your creation suite and extra bonuses. The monthly pay-per-view events will also make a return, which will also include female matches.

The new Tonight’s Match feature pitches a new match every day, pushing players out of their comfort zones to try new characters, new arenas and new stipulations. These matches will include certain objectives for your MyPlayer to achieve, gaining stars and other experience on a daily basis. These matches will include new additions from the DLC packs as time goes on.

Are you excited to get online with WWE 2K20? Let us know if we’ll be lobbying up with you in the comments below.

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