WWE 2K20 MyCareer Mode Revealed

Yeah, it looks as dumb as last year's, and that's great.

WWE 2K20

With just two weeks until launch, 2K Games and Visual Concepts have released the gameplay trailer for WWE 2K20’s MyCareer Mode, and if you were a fan of last year’s offering, this year’s spectacle should be right up your alley. Check out the trailer below, and be prepared for how weird it gets.

In the MyCareer Mode, you control two new characters, a male and female wrestler who we’ll be able to customise, as they rise through the ranks from high school indie wrestling all the way to the WWE Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, the road to greatness seems to be paved with bad decisions, and it looks like your characters make some kind of Faustian pact with Papa Shango to become WWE superstars.

The trailer runs the gamut of your character trading blows with Becky Lynch, dealing with backstage politics and observing Matt Hardy sailing the Ocean of Reincarnation. If your favourite part of last year’s MyCareer mode was the trip to the Multiverse, 2K20’s journey seems to be leaning even harder into such nonsense. We’re here for it. Let’s just hope it’s better than the ending to Hell in a Cell 2019.

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