WWE 2K19’s Exciting New Career Mode Revealed

WWE 2k19 career mode

Wow, what just happened?! I think 2K Games just impressed the WWE fanbase. A new trailer dropped this afternoon featuring some drastic improvements to the annual Career Mode. Done are the tedious grinds and generic interactions of bygone games, 2K have created a vibrant, dynamic campaign for players to explore and enjoy in this year’s WWE 2K19.

The trailer hasn’t given too much away, but it has provided context for a few of the odd reveals in the last trailer – i.e. the undead Haitch and Matt Hardy having some sort of trip.

Players will take control of their (presumably) created wrestler and take them on a journey from the literal indies all the way onto the main roster. The character already seems to be more genuinely likeable than most of the current babyfaces, being given some charisma through some credible voice-acting. Your character will come face-to-face with the best and brightest of NXT, Raw and Smackdown throughout his/her story, butting heads with the likes of John Cena, Braun Strowman and the boss himself, Triple H.

What seems to be the theme of this year’s career mode is ‘the fans fighting back’. Our hero actually calls out Triple H for failing to listen to his fans — real on the nose of you, 2K. Whether this story turns out to be a piece of WWE inspired propaganda or not is something we’ll have to wait and see, but I’m very much intrigued to see just how kooky this mode becomes as you travel to multiverses with Matt Hardy and duel with a rejuvenated Bray Wyatt at the compound.

This is definitely an improvement that fans have been crying out for quite some time. An interesting story-based campaign which players can really sink their teeth into and love – similar to those of legend; HCTP and SVR for example. Most sport franchises have had their versions of this for years, so here’s hoping that 2K have done their homework and involved enough of the WWE roster to make this year’s career mode their first memorable experience outside of Showcase Mode.

Are things looking up?

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