WWE 2K19: Some Interesting Gameplay Reveals

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Source: Take-Two Interactive

WWE 2K19 seems to have gone off the deep end. After a controversial week following the apparent final roster reveal, fans have been clamouring over one another to criticise the developers for leaving out some key players from the roster, namely Tommaso Ciampa. Of course, there has been no definite word on the last stream being the absolute final reveals prior to the game’s release, but the fan base certainly needed something to perk themselves back up again and refrain from cancelling their pre-orders in protest.

Thus, some gameplay was thrown our way. Gameplay is a very loose term when it comes to these trailers, usually they amount to a couple minutes’ worth of montage showing the newest models pulling off their signature moves. This year is no different, however, 2K have dropped some clangers in the form of some intriguing… and confusing, new skins.

I’m going to attempt to piece together the absurdness of the opening moments. The trailer starts with a very poorly rendered version of Bray Wyatt’s House of Horrors (or a part of the Hardy compound, I’m not too sure). Because of course we were all anticipating that clusterfuck to be a part of this year’s game. Wyatt is set to clash with an undead version of Triple H. Matt Hardy is also overseeing from a spacial dimension. The house then burns down a la Randy Orton at the Wyatt Compound circa 2017.

So. Where do we even start? It looks like 2K have all but confirmed that there will be some sort of zombies mode in this year’s game. You know, because the whole zombie mode trend is still going, right? Presumably you choose your superstar to fight through hordes of the undead WWE roster, cutting down the epidemic with your fine tuned strong-style. This sounds… interesting, to say the least. I’m not going to say it’s the first mode that 2K should have decided to bring in to this year’s instalment, but at least it’s something a bit different from the usual suspects. Granted, this is probably going to be terrible, but I’ll give them credit where it’s due for getting my attention.

What follows is a fairly standard montage of everyone we’ve had confirmed so far from the Rusev Day Roster Reveals. If you haven’t been keeping an eye on that, then this trailer confirms all the newcomers for you.

Overall, the models look pretty good. The majority of the renders remain the same from the previous year, but that’s nothing a little creation suiting can’t sort out. A couple of small details to pick out is that Booker T has been overhauled, being given his King Booker attire that was recently featured on SmackDown Live. In all honesty, I’m surprised they didn’t use the attire to fill up one of the many promised new roster slots. Also, you can catch what seems to be a women’s Royal Rumble match taking place, so for those who are fans of the women’s division, you can pit 30 of them against each other in the historic battle royal.

One last glaring feature is BIG HEAD MODE. A fun nod to the cheat codes of olde, you can now wrestle with over-inflated heads, as shown by Xavier Woods and Sheamus in today’s trailer. Hilarity ensues.

The real question is, are you truly impressed by these latest reveals from 2K? Are you still considering pre-ordering, or ducking out for a year in favour of Fire Pro Wrestling World?

I think I know the answer.

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