WWE 2K18: Seth Rollins the Cover Star, Kurt Angle the Pre-Order Bonus?

Insider details seem to reveal a lot about WWE 2K18's big unveiling.


UPDATE: the below has been revealed as true in terms of Seth Rollins.

WWE have been getting up to some shenanigans over on Twitter. Several ambiguous images have been posted, with little to no context aside from the hashtags BLN1 and ThisMonday. As we are already aware, Roman Reigns is scheduled to make a Summerslam related announcement on the upcoming episode of Raw. However, it seems that on top of that, we’ll also be treated to the very first marketing for WWE 2K18.

The images feature some legendary iconography from WWE past and present – including The Undertaker’s laid coat and hat from the conclusion of Mania 33, Stone Cold’s ATV and The Andre The Giant memorial trophy. So, what we can gather is that this year’s game is going to focus on the alumni of World Wrestling Entertainment.


Details have since leaked online describing the trailer that is pending release. Each of the aforementioned props and costume pieces are arranged as if it was a museum of WWE’s history, all set up ceremoniously with all the pomp and circumstance and kept under lock and key. Moments later, a mysterious vandal breaks in and destroys the signature items. Towards the end of the trailer, the rapscallion reveals himself to be none other than ‘the man’ Seth Rollins.

So, it seems that Seth Rollins is going to be this year’s cover star. Perhaps a year later than he should have been considered to be the face of the franchise, but nonetheless an apt choice to showcase the new era of the mainstream.

The trailer concludes with the confirmation of Kurt Angle as the pre-order bonus of this year’s game. The narrative seeming to be that he is seeking out who is responsible for the destruction at the museum.

Looking back at last year’s pre-order narrative, Goldberg being unearthed from some vault in the middle of the Nevada desert and answering the challenge of defeating Brock Lesnar, perhaps 2K18 will be used as a prelude to Angle’s in-ring return later this year. If he were to begin a feud with cover star Seth Rollins, then that should certainly make for a fantastic match.

Of course this remains unconfirmed until Monday, but for what it’s worth, I’d say this is a fairly decent guarantee.


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