Seth Rollins Revealed As WWE 2K18’s Cover Star

A full-time star is gracing the cover of a WWE 2K for the first time in years. Is Seth Rollins the right call for 2K18?


As previously speculated, Seth Rollins has been revealed as the cover star for the upcoming WWE 2K18.

The two-time world champ will grace the cover of a WWE video game for the first time and take the honour from Brock Lesnar, who had the duties for 2K17.

In a press release, Rollins said the following:

Seth Rollins WWE 2k18


“As the WWE 2K18 cover Superstar and franchise ambassador, it is my incredible honor and mission to ensure this game will truly BE LIKE NO ONE – a calling card perfect for everything I stand for – as it sets forth on its own unique path. Following in the footsteps of other WWE 2K cover Superstars – Dwayne “The Rock®” Johnson, John Cena®, Stone Cold Steve Austin® and Brock Lesnar® – I now carry the torch and proudly represent a new generation of WWE Superstars. I am the future, and the future can’t be stopped.”

The tagline for the game is “Be Like No One”, which was previously teased on WWE’s social channels.

In other 2K18 news, WWE revealed that early adopters would also get early access to the game four days before its wide release on October 17th. Buy the WWE 2K18 Deluxe Edition or WWE 2K18 Collector’s Edition on Xbox One or PS4 to play the game before anyone else.

Here’s the reveal trailer, featuring Rollins getting mighty annoyed at WWE’s obsession with the past:

What do we think? Is Rollins a deserved cover star?


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