Confirmed: WWE 2K18 Isn’t Coming to PS3 or Xbox 360

No news at all on a PS3 or 360 version for WWE 2K18, so it looks like they've been quietly pushed to the side.


A mainstay on the last generation of consoles, the WWE 2K series might have finally bid adieu to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

With its release date and Seth Rollins cover reveal came the announcement for WWE 2K18’s platforms: Xbox One and PlayStation 4. While it hasn’t been confirmed for the PC, it’s expected to come months after October 17 2017, the game’s launch day for consoles.

There’s no mention of WWE 2K18 on either PS3 or 360 in the lengthy press release, so it looks like WWE 2K17 (in a heavily stripped back and lightweight version) may have been the final WWE 2K for two consoles which are in their final days. Sony have ceased production of the PS3 entirely in Japan.

We have reached out to 2K for any confirmation and will update this once we receive a reply.


In other WWE 2K18 news, here’s a breakdown of what its different versions will get you:

WWE 2k18 pre-order

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Update 20/06/17: WWE 2K Games confirmed on Twitter that no version of 2K18 will be coming to previous gen consoles.


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