Will We See Bill Murray in the Ghostbusters Sequel?

Who ya gonna call?

With Bill Murray out there promoting his latest movie The Dead Don’t Die, also starring the always lovely Adam Driver, this instantly made him a target for questions about Ghostbusters. This is in light of news that Jason Reitman is going to be setting up a sequel to the first two movies in the original franchise.

In an article from Birth.Movies.Death, Murray spoke about how his issues were with Sony and not the people involved in the franchise. This is turn fueled his reluctance to do a sequel to Ghostbusters 2. His appearance in Paul Feig’s 2016 reboot of the franchise happened mainly because he had been asked, and he felt a need to support them. He added that would do an appearance in the new Reitman film if asked.

While this seems like joyous news for fans of the original franchise, Reitman’s decision to bypass the 2016 film completely has caused quite the uproar. Leslie Jones tweeted her displeasure about his decision, calling it “a dick move”.


Reitman seems to be emphasising that his film will be different from the 2016 version, probably to allay the worries of fans of the original franchise. Whatever his reasons for doing so, it does come across as insensitive, especially since there really is no reason to overlook the film.

Reitman’s version will focus on teen ghostbusters, which is kind of his wheelhouse given his success with Juno. It is unclear the roles the original Ghostbusters will have in this film, or if they will even be part of the narrative.

Original, reboot or sequel – none of this matters. Just give us a good movie Reitman, then the fans will follow.

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