Why AEW Need To Sign Danhausen

Very evil. Very Elite!


With Ring of Honor’s entire roster now free to compete wherever they please, there’s one particular rising star that needs to find themselves a new home in All Elite Wrestling. The mysterious and very evil Danhausen has crept up the ranks of the independent scene, winning over fans with his eccentric character and unique wrestling style.

Danhausen arrived from somewhere very far away from here and immediately set his sights on claiming a ROH contract so that he could appear on as many televisions as possible, and/or internets. He hates swearing and loves using teeth to freak out his opponents in the ring — all legally, of course. Needless to say, he’s quickly become one of my personal favourite stars outside of the mainstream.

Danhausen recently appeared as a special guest on the Chris Jericho Rock N’ Wrestling Rager, competing alongside the likes of Orange Cassidy, Will Ospreay and even Jericho himself as part of a special main event. Apparently, it went down very well with the audience, and that’s mostly down to Danhausen’s eccentric personality. Wrestling fans are ready to see Danhausen finally break out onto the big scene — AEW could be the perfect place for him to do just that.

Considering the massive success of the aforementioned ‘King of Sloth Style’ Orange Cassidy, All Elite Wrestling is the ideal environment for the rare kind of wrestler that Danhausen is to find his groove. AEW fans are more willing to give these gimmicky characters a chance, and if you’re particularly good at entertaining the live crowds, then chances are you’ll find yourself booked well by the AEW head-honchos. Cassidy, despite being a comedy-based wrestler, has managed to not only compete for the AEW title, but also pick up big wins over the likes of Chris Jericho, MJF and PAC. If anything, this proves that a wrestler like Danhausen might not be limited to just being the wrestler used to warm up a crowd.

Danhausen has that something special that could help him become one of the most talked about wrestlers on the planet today. He has the charisma, the character, and the in-ring ability to become a household name. When you think about wrestlers like Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage and The Undertaker, if you were to put those guys in the mix of the indie scene today, I imagine that most wrestling fans would turn their nose up at how ludicrously over-the-top their gimmicks were, thinking that they’d never make it in today’s reality-fuelled mainstream scene. Instead, they became some of the biggest wrestling stars of all time. Danhausen could very much do the same thing if put in front of the right audience.

Would he succeed in WWE? Probably not. I can already see him jobbing out to Happy Corbin within a month of his main roster arrival. However, AEW must be able to see the star power he already has, especially if they’re watching him stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion (or one of them anyway) and ‘Le Champion’ Chris Jericho. Fans are already gravitating towards the mysterious Danhausen, making him one of the most requested wrestling names on Cameo, so just imagine how many shirts he’d sell if he were given a contract tomorrow?

The very evil Danhausen is a sure-fire wrestling superstar. Put him in the ring with the likes of Darby Allin, Jungle Boy and Sammy Guevara and watch how soon things will start to change in the AEW landscape. I can’t wait to see Danhausen eventually land himself a big-time contract, and if anyone from the now former ROH roster is going to be snapped up first, it absolutely must be him.

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