Who Died In Game of Thrones: Season 8 – Episode 5?

Those whose plot armour fell apart.

Game of Thrones Season Episode 5

She did say fire and blood, to be fair to her. After Daenerys went full Stone Cold joining forces with Vince McMahon to become the de facto villain of Game of Thrones, you can rest assured that she left a trail of bodies in her wake. But who won’t see the finale of Game of Thrones and who managed to scrape by?

Below you will find all the major casualties of ‘The Bells’, which is the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, both in Season 8 and ever. I say “major” because I don’t feel like writing “Innocent Civilian” about 20000 times is worth my time. She really hates bells, what can you say?

Jaime Lannister
Huh, so he really was going back to be with her. What a waste of his redemptive arc, though maybe that’s the point — no matter how virtuous he becomes, Jaime will always bend to his sister. Took a good couple of stabbings before hobbling around King’s Landing pretty capably, to be fair to him.

Cersei Lannister
None of your dreams about her death came true, but let’s be clear: Cersei did not die happily. She watched her empire collapse as her stubbornness caused the death of thousands of innocents, as well as the fact that she went out wailing about her unborn child. Plus, getting crushed to death doesn’t sound that fun, either. If only she had her elephants.

Lord Varys
This was coming; the yin to Littlefinger’s yang was going to get the same treatment before too long. Though he was basically performing treason by instigating a coup against Cersei, the whole burnt to death thing was a bit unkind. Still, at least he will smugly know he was right in the afterlife.

Sandor Clegane
Even though it might officially go down as a draw, I have Sandor down as the Cleganebowl champion as Gregor should be served a DQ for being undead and therefore quite good at not dying again easily. Laughing near certain death was the most Hound thing ever. Go have all the chicken you could ever want, you beautiful bastard.

Gregor Clegane
De-helmeted by a ridiculous sword swing from his brother, The Mountain was revealed to be a potato that you kept in your cupboard for too long and now it’s somehow all discoloured and juicy. An absolute unit that needed to be pushed out of a collapsing building to die.

The creepiest man in all of Westeros may not have been killed by those weird kids as karmic justice would have suggested, but your head getting popped like a spot by the zombie thing you created ain’t exactly the best way to go out, either.

Euron Greyjoy
The ridiculously campy villain had a suitably pantomime reappearance to challenge Jaime to a deathly duel, arriving to shore exactly the same time as Jaime was making his way to the Red Keep. Weird. Anyway, you don’t technically see him die, but the whole sword through the entire body thing should do the trick nonetheless. Didn’t actually kill Jaime as he claimed, either, so sucks to be you, bud.

Homeless Harry Strickland
“Who?”, you ask. Harry Strickland? The man leading the Golden Company, one of the most feared forces in the world of Game of Thrones? No? Don’t blame you. Killed by charging Dothraki (who are somehow still around after the Battle of Winterfell?) rather cheaply.

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