Weekend Box Office: Avengers Dominates, Life of the Party Fades

Thor Infinity War
Credit: Disney/Marvel

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, except Grace Randolph (I kid, maybe), it was yet another weekend crowned by Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, which pushed the frame to an overall $138.66 million haul, +1.9% ahead of the same weekend last year. Thus far, 2018 is running +5.2% over 2017 ($4.3 billion vs. $4.09 billion), a figure that’ll only be helped by the summer’s other heavy-hitters fast approaching.

In first, Infinity War gathered $62.08 million (-45.9%) in its third weekend, equaling a mammoth $548.09m domestic tally. That ranks as the fourth-best third weekend, only behind Disney/Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($90.24m), Fox’s Avatar ($68.49m), and Disney/Marvel’s own Black Panther ($66.31m). Among prior Avengers movies, Infinity War’s decline is a bit stronger than Age of Ultron‘s (-50%) and on par with the first (-46%). Infinity War’s pacing +16.5% ahead of the first Avengers at the same point in release, resulting in a $726m+ final haul should that be maintained. Given the one-two punch of next weekend’s Deadpool 2 and Solo: A Star Wars Story the weekend after, it’s likely Infinity War’s drops will close the gap a bit more between it and the first Avengers (and Black Panther, while we’re at it), lest it can hold its own better than expected. That being said, Infinity War is guaranteed around $650m by run’s end, an outstanding figure.

Infinity War 1 Dr Strange

Internationally, Avengers: Infinity War swept in $281.5m from 100% of its footprint, most of which is thanks to China’s huge $200.67m debut (RMB 1.271 billion), the second-biggest three-day debut ever in the market, right behind Universal’s The Fate of the Furious (in local currency; translates to $184.9m in dollars). Infinity War’s total gross in China can range anywhere from $300m (1.5x multiple) to $424m (2.12x multiple, as per Fate of the Furious), given China’s known to be a rather front-loaded market. And, as if Infinity War didn’t have enough records on its gauntlet, it’s the first movie to achieve a $200m+ debut in two markets. Aside from China, Infinity War has become the highest-grossing release ever in 9 markets, and the highest-grossing Hollywood release in India. Top markets outside China are South Korea ($84.6m), the U.K. ($82.1m), Brazil ($55.6m, all-time record), Mexico ($54.8m, about to overtake Disney/Pixar’s Coco ($57.8m) for all-time record), and Australia ($40.5m). Overseas and global cumes for Infinity War are $1.06 billion and $1.607 billion, respectively. The coveted $2 billion mark is coming closer in sight.

Debuting in second, Warner Bros.’ Melissa McCarthy comedy Life of the Party was firmly meh with $17.89m from 3,656 hubs ($4,892 per-theatre average). That’s the lowest opening yet for a McCarthy-led flick, beating 2014’s Tammy ($21.58m, though that burned demand by opening on a Wednesday). McCarthy’s collaborations with her husband, Ben Falcone (who directs and co-writes) have seen diminishing returns – the aforementioned Tammy finished with $84.53m and 2016’s The Boss grossed $63.29m off a $23.59m debut – largely because they’re pretty bad. If it’s any solace, though (however mild), Life of the Party is the best reviewed of the duo’s efforts, notching a 39% score on Rotten Tomatoes (avg. critic score being 5.1/10 from >100 reviews). Life of the Party’s debut runs -8.5% behind last year’s Amy Schumer-Goldie Hawn comedy Snatched ($19.54m) from the same Mother’s Day frame. It’ll be lucky to get much past Snatched’s $45.85m domestic haul by run’s end, assuming this doesn’t pull the same typically strong McCarthy movie legs. Disappointing, given the flick’s low-$30m production budget.

Overseas, Life of the Party grossed $3.2m from 8 markets, led by Australia ($1.5m). Global cume is $21.09m.

Opening in third, and not far off from Life of the Party, Universal’s Gabrielle Union thriller Breaking In grossed $17.63m from 2,537 venues ($6,949 average). That’s a solid opening when accounting for the movie’s $6m production cost and the Mother’s Day release was a benefit – Breaking In beat Life of the Party on Sunday, increasing +28.8% from Saturday to gross $7.33m vs. Party’s +13.3% increase to $6.88m. Compared to producer Will Packer’s previous thriller, 2014’s No Good Deed ($52.54m total), Breaking In’s debut is pacing -27.3% behind, pointing towards a $38m final haul. It could bump over the $40m mark if it holds comparatively well, however. Reviews are sour with a 25% Tomatometer score (avg. critic score being 4.2/10 from >60 reviews), so maybe not.

Internationally, Breaking In earned $1m from 5 markets (exact breakdowns are unavailable) for a $18.63m global cume.

In fourth, Lionsgate/Pantelion’s Overboard declined -32.9% to add $9.86m in its sophomore weekend. Domestic total for the Eugenio Derbez/Anna Farris comedy remake is $29.36m. Overboard’s drop is far stronger than Derbez’ last Pantelion effort, 2017’s How to Be a Latin Lover (-58%), and it’s pacing +30.1% ahead of that movie at the same point in release. Maintaining that trend gives Overboard a decent $42m haul, though that could go higher depending on how it holds in the coming weeks.

Overseas, Overboard debuted in Mexico with a big $10.5m, notching the second-highest debut ever in the market (behind Infinity War). Overboard has earned $12.06m internationally and $41.42m globally.

a quiet place

Rounding out the top five, Paramount’s A Quiet Place enjoyed yet another strong hold, declining a light -16.8% for $6.46m in weekend #6. The John Krasinski-helmed horror film has earned a smashing $169.61m in the U.S./Canada and stands as the fourth-highest grossing supernatural horror movie ever. A Quiet Place is running +7.6% ahead of last year’s Get Out thus far, suggesting a closing tally around $190m.

On the overseas front, Quiet Place added another $5m, pushing the movie past the $100m international milestone. Cume is $100.4m, global is $270m. Stellar numbers for the $17m picture. Top markets for A Quiet Place are the U.K. ($16m), Australia ($9.1m), Mexico ($7.5m, pending update), Brazil ($6.6m, pending update), and Germany ($3.6m).



6. I Feel Pretty (STX) – $3.81 million (-24.7%), $43.95m cume
7. Rampage (Warner Bros.) – $3.46 million (-25.3%), $89.83m cume
8. Tully (Focus) – $2.25 million (-31.5%), $6.99m cume
9. Black Panther (Disney) – $2.08 million (-36.2%), $696.33m cume
10. RBG (Magnolia) – $1.19 million (+105.9%), $2.03m cume

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