We Created Some Abominations In MOTHERGUNSHIP

Ever wondered what a weapon with a shotgun, minigun, and grenade launcher would be like? MOTHERGUNSHIP has the answer.


Even though I write a lot, I wouldn’t say I’m a creative person. If you asked me to write up a draft for a novel, I would probably repeat “Flanders sucks” ad nauseum before wandering off to watch YouTube while wondering why I’m not that successful in life.

Apparently, though, all you need to do to get me to unlock my creativity is to tie it in in some way to violence. MOTHERGUNSHIP, the bombastic enabler that it is, allows players to craft all manner of wild weaponry. Its demo is out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC today, but I was able to unleash my inner Frankenstein a day early. The demo may be short and somewhat limited, but, boy, your imagination isn’t.

You play as a cadet who is being drafted into the resistance to take on the eponymous MOTHERGUNSHIP, but don’t worry about that: it’s time to add shotguns on top of shotguns.

My first effort looked something like this:


So far, so eighties action movie. Once I dove into the easy customisation, though, my imagination ran wild. You start off with the most basic of components and can then add to them to create branching monstrosities thanks to new connectors and increasingly wilder add-ons. It’s pretty simple: just make sure your attachments point forward and you’re good to go.

To unlock new items in the demo, you have to enter an area and defeat a swarm of robotic enemies. Once that’s accomplished, you can use the currency you picked up to spend on parts, which are more than slightly varied. There’s a shotgun, minigun, grenade launcher, some weird toaster thing that upset and amazed me at once, and much more.

After a short while of grinding and improving my weapon, which I nicknamed Bess, she evolved into the following abomination:

I don’t know what’s going on there, but I love it.

To make things more interesting, the devs, Terrible Posture Games, implemented energy meters that effectively work as your ammo; when the meter is depleted, you can no longer fire. Certain weapon attachments chew away at energy far quicker, so Bess was best used in short bursts.

Luckily, she found a friend: Peppa.


This pig-like beauty was my left-hand weapon and Bess was my right-hand weapon. Peppa handled the explosive side of things and I reworked Bess to just be solely machine guns with a ricochet mod also applied. It was, as you would expect, a glorious thing.


There’s also a great sense of humour to MOTHEGUNSHIP, like it knows how absurd it is as a concept. There’s a great back and forth between your two superiors, as well as the most delicious of confectioneries available to you once you’ve beaten the demo.

After about eight waves in the demo, my time with MOTHERGUNSHIP was up. I feel like I only just scratched the surface of the customisation options on offer, so I will definitely be leaping into the demo again. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and make a gatling gun out of umbrellas and bananas.