Where to Watch The Boogeyman (2023) Online

The Boogeyman 2023
The Boogeyman 2023

The Boogeyman might just prove to be one of the better modern Stephen King adaptations, so it stands to reason that many of you are wondering where to watch The Boogeyman online. You won’t have to wait very long of course, as the movie opens theatrically on June 2nd, 2023, but what if you want to wait for streaming or a physical release? How long is it going to take to see this story of a supernatural force using a family’s trauma to inflict serious terror? There’s a few possible dates to keep in mind.

Just so there’s no confusion: The 2023 horror film The Boogeyman has nothing to do with a series of movies called Boogeyman that began in 2005 and includes two sequels. This new release The Boogeyman is in fact based on a short story by some hot young newcomer named Stephen King, and is directed by Rob Savage, who has also given us the COVID lockdown inspired Shudder Original Host. With a good premise, talent in front of and behind the camera, and early reviews being mostly positive, there’s plenty of buzz around it.

The Boogeyman is coming to us from the Disney-owned 20th Century Studios. This makes it easy to figure out exactly where the movie will be landing after it finishes its theatrical run. While Disney Plus is certainly a possibility, it seems far more probable that the horror film will drop on Hulu when the time comes. When exactly will The Boogeyman be able to stream? While we don’t have a specific date set, you can be sure that based on their previous pattern with a relatively big horror release, the movie will be on a streaming service like Hulu in no more than 90 days from its theatrical release. In the UK, Hulu’s offerings are integrated within Disney Plus, and there’s even plans for the same thing in the US.

If you want to rent The Boogeyman digitally or on Blu-ray, you probably won’t have to wait as long. You’ll most likely be able to rent or buy The Boogeyman digitally sometime in July. As far as a physical media release is concerned, we wish the news could be more specific, but considering that Barbarian hasn’t had a physical release, it may not happen.


About The Boogeyman

The Boogeyman is based closely on a short story by Stephen King. The name is a horror brand unto itself, but the films and other media properties themselves are helmed by different people. This has created a wildly diverse array of horror adaptations in terms of quality, budget, and more. King’s most famous works have been going through the remake machine in recent years, with movies like It and Pet Semetary getting new film adaptations, and even The Stand getting another miniseries. It’s interesting then to see a film coming from a Stephen King work that many are not likely to be familiar with.

The story of The Boogeyman concerns a young girl Sadie (Sophie Thatcher) and her sister Blair (Vivien Lyra) struggling in the wake of the death of their mother. Getting precious little help from their psychiatrist father Will (Chris Messina), it’s safe to say this family is immersed in grief and agony. When a bizarre encounter in their home with a patient seemingly leaves them at the mercy of a supernatural force with an appetite for suffering, the children are forced to confront something unfathomable.

All in all, The Boogeyman offers a good plot for a Stephen King story, and it’s certainly enough for a compelling piece of horror. Some have already found out as The Boogeyman began running in select locations at the end of May. Everyone can decide for themselves beginning June 2nd.

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