Warhammer: Chaosbane Great Unclean One Boss Guide

Clean yourself up.


Your fight against the Great Unclean One marks the end of the first chapter in Warhammer: Chaosbane. Up until now, you have likely not been met with much resistance. However, this boss will force you to learn certain aspects of Chaobane you might not have bothered with before, namely, that you have to stay mobile. If you find yourself having trouble, then take a load off, sit down and read this here Great Unclean One boss guide why don’t you.

Overall strategy
The Daemon Prince of Nurgle is a lazy bastard. As such, he doesn’t move around all that much and does his attacks while sitting on his thrones. This means that damage over time attacks works very well on this boss. For instance, Bragi Axebiter has a dash which leaves trails of fire behind him. This works wonders for this fight as you can run back and forth across the boss multiple times, stacking the damage.

Other than that, the most important thing about fighting the Great Unclean One is to stay mobile. His attacks pack a serious punch but are easily avoided if you stay on your toes. Stick close to him and keep slashing but always be ready to dodge or leg it to get out of trouble.

He will also send out adds and trash mobs at you, they are just Nurglings however and you can beat them while hitting the boss with an AOE attack.

Great Unclean One attacks and phases
The Great Unclean One is a fight divided into three phases and each new phase will introduce a new attack which he will do in order to murder you.


Phase one


Overhead slash
Almost as soon as he sits his fat ass down on the makeshift throne, he will start trying to slam you with a big sword slash. It does quite a lot of damage and also stuns you to boot. Luckily, it’s easily dodged, just wait until the two tracer lines are about to converge and simply walk to the left or right of it. To make subsequent attacks easier to handle you might want to make sure he doesn’t hit the piles of rubble which are strewn across the room.

Poison Spike Barrier
At some point, great uncle Nurgle will raise both his hands. You should dodge or run back a bit if you want to avoid getting hit by a ragged line of poisonous spikes that he raises around him. He won’t do any other attack while the barrier is up but the chamber will start to fill up with adds for you to kill.

Vomit sweep
When the boss turns his head to either side it means he’s getting ready to hurl. He will sweep across the room and cover everything with poisonous bile. It does a ton of damage so you want to stay out of it as much as possible. This is where the piles of rubble come in. The vomit will cover everything except behind those piles of rubble. Run back and wait it out behind one of those and you will be safe. If he has destroyed the piles there will be nowhere to hide. Using a divine blessing skill to make you invulnerable for a short time is your best bet at this time. Otherwise, you can try and get close to him and as he sweeps across the room you dodge into the side where he started spraying as this will clear out the fastest.


Phase two


Chain slam
In phase 2, the daemon will do the same attacks as before but add his annoying chain slam into the mix. After the poison spikes go down, he will lift his left arm and slam down a bunch of chains. This attack does a lot of damage and has a mean knockback effect. Additionally, after the slam, debris will rain from the ceiling for a while, hurting you even more. To deal with this attack, simply resist the urge to rush forward once the spikes go down. Hang back and after he has slammed the chains down, rush forward to avoid the falling debris.


Phase Three


Mega barf
In phase 3, The Great Unclean One will no longer do a sweep when he barfs. Instead, he will just vomit straight ahead, which fills the entire room with poison at once. At this stage, you will most likely not have any cover left, meaning that you will have to take the hit. Unless you have some divine protection, that is. If you do, save it for this attack and it won’t hurt you at all. If not, make sure your healing potion is not on cooldown and try to stick as close to him as possible.

Upgraded adds
In the earlier phases, the adds in this boss fight were mere Nurglings. Annoying but not really more than a nuisance. In the last phase of the fight, however, some real demons will start to spawn and they can actually do real damage. This means you can’t stand and wail on the boss unbothered. You will have to take a step away and deal with these creatures from time to time. AOE and damage over time attacks are also very good to have at this point.

After phase three, the fatso bites the dust and like a rotten melon, he will burst open spreading treasures everywhere. Now you are off to fight Khorne in the city of Praag instead.

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