VN47 BattleHawks Combat Drones REVIEW

The VN47 BattleHawks Combat Drones might be a great little stocking filler for this Christmas.

Battle Hawks

Drones are cool, aren’t they? They go up really high while sounding like jet planes and then give really nice photos. That’s about it, though — nothing fancy. Once you have seen your first drone shot of a green field, you’ve seen all there is to see.

But what if you combined a drone and, say, laser tag? That’s the exact hook of the VN47 BattleHawks Combat Drones, which could prove to be a great stocking filler this Christmas. Lasering your loved ones’ pride and joy is the gift that keeps on giving, but they aren’t without their flaws. That being said, their price point does suggest that these are focused on being “my first drone” and shouldn’t be viewed as something the UN would build in a bunker. They do a job and do it pretty well.

I played a few rounds of infrared blasting mayhem with the VN47 BattleHawks Combat Drones with my partner, though we had to stay indoors as the weather this time of year in my area verges on apocalyptic — I just had visions of the small but durable drones being carried away by the wind. Luckily, we have high ceilings so there was plenty of room for some silly dogfighting in the comfort of our own home. Collisions weren’t that much of an issue when they did happen as the drone reacts to them for “safe” landings, though it’s obviously recommended that you clear out some room all the same.

Setting up the VN47 BattleHawks Combat Drones was easy with plenty of room for customisation in terms of speed — these little things are surprisingly nimble and can be a little hard to control when the gauge is cranked up to the max, though that might be something to overcome for the ultra-competitive. You can even pull of stunts with them with a touch of a button, though I did personally struggle with the controller itself.

It’s a small controller with quite a lot squished into a small space, presumably to reflect the size of the drone itself. It’s also a bit of a nuisance that the battery pack is held down by a screw before you’ve even set it up, meaning I had to scramble to find the daintiest screwdriver in my toolbox. The VN47 BattleHawks Combat Drones also don’t come with batteries –which feels more and more like the norm with gadgets– so you’ll have to buy some AAA batteries separately.

These criticisms may need to be taken into consideration before you look into the VN47 BattleHawks Combat Drones further, but so should the aforementioned price. At just £29.99, there’s a good deal of entertainment to be had here with plenty of panicked shrieking bound to ensue. They’re perfect for short bursts of competitive action or to keep the kids quiet for a short while.

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