VIDEO PREMIERE: Foreign – Apophenia

foreign Apophenia

It’s always a pleasure to be able to bring you the first look at new music and today is no different. We have an exclusive gander at Apophenia from the ever so talented Foreign.

Situated in an artist’s studio, the video is certainly a trip, one that’s taking you on a journey through a discussion on love and relationships. For indie bands, the temptation can be too much to just play some guitars in front of a green screen for three minutes, but Foreign don’t want to do that. It’s always good to see talents thinking out of the box.

As for the song itself, it’s a dreamy mix of Bends-era Radiohead and Soundgarden, which is a sound you didn’t realise you needed to hear until right now.

Keep an eye on Foreign: the year might be almost done, but they might still be able to leave a huge impression on 2016.

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