Valve Has More Time To Make Games Again

Valve seems to have been kicking back and raking in the sweet Steam money for the last few years, as many have observed (including Valve themselves), but in a recent interview with IGN they said that they’re ready to start working on games again.

Many of the things they’ve had to work on haven’t really been that visible for the players. They’ve been mostly working on Steam customer service, trying to improve that, but they’ve also had to really put their backs into the Vive and Steam VR.

They needed a lot of people to be working on those things, especially since Steam is so huge and time-consuming, but now they don’t have to focus on those things exclusively anymore. They’re ready to put more people back to the task of developing games.

They also know all the jokes about them not being able to count to three, or them having given up on making games, and they said they’re going to “deliver a bunch of high quality games that show [they’re] actually working really hard[,]” as they said in the interview with IGN.

With Artifact, the DotA trading card game, coming out on November 28, Valve is already taking baby steps to get back in the game business. The game will be releasing on PC, Mac and Linux, with plans to release it on iOS and Android sometime next year.

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