Valorant Episode 6 Battlepass: Price, Skins & What You Should Know

Valorant's All-new Battlepass

Valorant‘s Episode 6 is just around the corner, launching on January 10, 2023, and with it comes an all-new Battlepass system and Araxys line of skins. Inspired by the global events taking place around this time of year such as New Years, Valentine’s Day and the Lunar New Year, Episode 6’s Battlepass will include items like a 9 Lives classic gun skin, where Agents can form a full feline team, as well as a Shock Heart spray and Folded Wish gun buddy. The Araxys skins bring weapons of a “mysterious, and possibly hostile, alien race” developer Riot revealed.

Valorant’s 9 Lives Weapons

Laura Baltzer, Valorant’s producer spoke around the goals for designing the Episode 6 Battlepass, and mentioned that the team is “always looking to celebrate the start of a new episode” adding that this was especially pertinent due to the timing lining up with the beginning of a new year. “This year, we wanted to focus on aspects of unity and teamwork in Valorant but put a fun twist on it,” Baltzer said, referring to the 9 Lives line of skins, which feature an adorable roster of animated kitties to make even the most menacing weapons suddenly very adorable.

Valorant’s Venturi Weapons

Baltzer also said that due to the Battlepass coming out at a “time of celebration around the world,” Riot wanted to celebrate important holidays through items such as the Electric Love buddy. “We also really enjoyed working on the Venturi weapons skin line for this pass,” she continued, “The focus with those weapons was on depicting speed through a skin line and so they have a great sleek and modern feel”. The Venturi weapons do pull this aesthetic off well, being black with hints of aqua and red, and very streamlined in design.

Alongside the new Battlepass, Valorant will also see the addition of the Araxys weapon series. This “mysterious alien race” is described by Riot as being “technologically advanced beyond the knowledge of mankind” as well as being hostile warriors that leave many praying “hopelessly” for their mercy.

Valorant’s Araxys Weapons

Valorant’s producer Victoria Kim said that the Riot team took inspiration from “the idea of inorganic things being alive, of bodies made of metal and mineral”. Kim gives more context to the Araxys race and their past, discussing how the “aggressive and dangerous aliens” once wielded this “advanced weaponry that could vaporise their enemies in the blink of an eye.” After destroying galaxies and conquering stars, these weapons were modeled in their form “which keeps the memories of that hostile race alive”.


Valorant Episode 6 Battlepass Price

The Araxys bundle comprising of the Vandal, Operator, Shorty, Bulldog, Bio Harvester, Gun Buddy, Card and Spray will cost 8,700 VP. The Battlepass will be available with both a free and paid track, with the latter option being purchased for 1,000 VP.

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