Twitch Prime Is Now Prime Gaming For Some Reason

It's gamer time.


After previously being leaked and causing a great ethical debate over protecting the sanctity of a monopoly, Twitch Prime has now officially been renamed to Prime Gaming.

The only real change from the old Twitch Prime is the name; the service will remain exactly the same as before with the same amount of in-game rewards and free games, as well as a free subscription to a streamer of your choice.

It’s not a name change that makes a tonne of sense to me personally, especially as Twitch is now much more than just gaming. Head on over there right now and you can probably find someone using a crayon to draw Luigi on their armpit, chess with amiibo, and much, much more.

It might be more about trying to connect Twitch to the wider Amazon ecosystem, though, even if it might make things a little more confusing to begin with for first-time Twitch users. Twitch Prime is clearly some kind of premium service for Twitch, whereas Prime Gaming sounds far broader. Maybe the actual Amazon website will start having more Prime incentives for games?

Twitch Prime
Previous free games with Prime

The blog post announcing the news also reveals that there are 150 million current Twitch Prime Prime Gaming subscribers across the world, which is just a terrifying number. Its inclusion within Amazon Prime is probably a large part of this huge figure with you being able to get Prime Gaming with just a regular Prime sub. It’s one of the better value gaming subscription services out there, but there’s bound to be many, many more before long.

What do you think of this news? Prime Gaming is one more syllable than Twitch Prime and I am absolutely lazy, so just Prime for me, thanks.

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