Top Tips for Decorating Your First Student Room


University is the time in life when you finally get to become an independent individual, moving out of your parents’ home and into your own flat or a room in a shared flat or house with other students. For most students in the UK, university halls of residence are their first experience of living away from home. Moving into your halls of residence is one of the most exciting parts of starting university for many freshers, even if you’re feeling a little nervous about going it alone for the first time in your life. When it comes to decorating your student room, it’s the perfect opportunity to truly embrace your personality and create a space that you love. If you’re heading off to university in the coming weeks, we’ve got some great room decoration tips for you.

Adhering to Rules and Regulations
Before you begin stocking up on things for your new student room, it’s vital to make sure that you fully adhere to the rules and regulations set out by the university, accommodation company, or landlord. For the majority of student rooms, there is a list of rules and guidelines which must be adhered to, otherwise you will risk being charged a fee. The rules tend to include information about decorating your room, for example whether or not you are allowed to hang pictures on the wall or change the paint colours in your room.

Ornaments and Accessories
When choosing accessories to decorate your student room with such as these great Japanese crafts, it’s important to remember that not all student rooms have a lot of space. It’s a good idea to view your room before you arrive so that you know exactly how much desk, shelf and window-sill space you have for decorations. Don’t forget to make sure that you leave space for important study use, as you’ll have lots of notepads, files, and print-outs from your lectures and seminars which you’ll need to store safely.

Textiles are the one place where you can definitely let yourself go a bit when it comes to decorating and personalising your student room. One of the best things about student halls is that the rooms tend to be decorated very plainly – although this can make them seem empty and uninviting when you first move in, it also has the advantage of being very easy to personalise. When it comes to buying things such as bedding, throws, cushions and even a rug for your student room, neutral décor means that you can buy anything that you like without having to worry about it looking right. Tapestries are also a hugely popular choice with many students, as they can be hung on the walls to add some colour and a point of interest to an otherwise plain room. Remember to check with your accommodation first to make sure that you’re allowed to hang a tapestry in the room!

Moving into student halls is undoubtedly an exciting part of any young person’s life. Because of this, it’s important to make sure that your room is comfortable and appealing for you!

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